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Saturday, December 20, 2008

20 Questions To Ask Before Creating An eBook

1. What will be the title of your ebook and will it
have a subtitle?

2. Will you be the only author or will there be other

3. Will you publish a print version of your ebook?

4. How many pages will your ebook be?

5. Will your ebook contain graphics, pictures or

6. Will your ebook include an appendix and index?

7. Will your ask other authors to contribute related
articles to your ebook?

8. What file formats will your ebook be available in;
text, pdf, exe, html, etc.?

9. Will your ebook be sold as a product or will your
ebook be used as a promotional tool?

10. Who will be your ebook's target audience?

11. What major benefit does your ebook give your
target audience?

12. Will you offer your prospects a guarantee and
testimonials to read?

13. Will you include a bibliography about yourself
in the ebook?

14. What personal information will you include
about yourself in the ebook?

15. What colors and graphic(s) will be included on
the ebook cover?

16. Will you let your prospects read free sample
chapters or excerpts to entice them?

17. Will you turn the ebook into other information
products like videos, audio books, teleclass, etc?

18. What type of payments will you accept for the

19. Will you allow others to give away your free
promotional ebook?

20. Will you be selling the reprint rights to your

Quote of the Day:

"Money doesn't sleep." -- Wall Street Movie

Warm regards,

Nial Robbins

7 Methods the Pros Use to Increase Website Traffic

It is no accident that the highest value businesses on the Web are not necessarily the ones with the highest annual profits, but rather the ones with the most website traffic. This is because consistent website traffic presents unlimited opportunities for conversion into profits. Businesses that have the capital to do so concentrate for years on building website traffic before they even try to make a profit. However, those of us in the real world with small online businesses need to be more balanced. We need to increase website traffic and make a profit early on in our business pursuits.

This article is an overview of the key methods the pros use to increase website traffic without breaking their budgets. After reading this, you should either have some new ideas about how to increase website traffic or have reinforced your drive to use these ideas to increase your website traffic.

If you are like most of the small businesses on the Web, you're scratching and clawing for every site visitor you can get. The Web is the most competitive environment in the world because everyone with an Internet connection can do business on the Web. However, the Web is also the greatest business opportunity in the world because there are about a billion people surfing around. What other marketplace can match that? Of course, none of those people do you any good unless you find a way to drive them to your website.

So, enough talk about the obvious importance of finding ways to increase website traffic. Below is a list of 7 important methods the pros use to increase website traffic without breaking their budgets:

1. Take part in online communities and forums. You can establish expertise, credibility, goodwill, and friendships with potential customers when you provide help to others in these communities and forums. You can also learn more about your customers and the needs people have that you can fill. You will increase website traffic for the long-term by being helpful in forums in many cases because these forum postings could be available on the Web for many years and help many people.

2. Offer a helpful or interesting newsletter related to the content of your business website. This is another way of gaining credibility with potential customers. If you make your newsletter very interesting, it will also provide a regular advertising medium to those with an interest in your products. So you will be increasing website traffic from those likely to buy from you.

3. Write articles related to the content of your business website that you can publish and/or make available for other sites and newsletters to publish. You will gain credibility as an expert for the contents of your articles and from the willingness of others to recognize your expertise by publishing your articles. You will also gain exposure, as your name and website will appear at the bottom everywhere your articles are used.

4. Swap links with websites related to your business website. This will help establish credibility for you because you are cited by other websites. More importantly, it will increase website traffic from people interested in your type of website. A further benefit will be that search engines will recognize links to your sites as an endorsement of your credibility on the topic and thus put you higher in search results.

5. Make sure the content on your website uses more nouns than pronouns. Search engines don't know what objects pronouns refer to when they see pronouns. And, the people doing searches use the noun objects themselves for their searches. So your websites should include the nouns for which they are searching. And you thought learning objects, nouns, and pronouns in school was useless?

6. Consider spending most of your advertising budget on search engine advertising. This advertising not only will increase website traffic, but you only have to pay for website traffic from people doing a search for words describing what you offer. This increases your chance of closing sales directly off your advertising budget.

7. Offer things to your customers for free that improve your brand image or contain advertisements that your customers will pass around to others, increasing your exposure. This is often referred to as viral marketing because the marketing spreads from one person to the next instead of from you to each customer. The best way to achieve this is to offer something unique that is either extremely useful or entertaining. It is a definite plus if what you offer appeals specifically to your target market so that you will increase website traffic from buying customers.

About the Author:

Paul Coulter owns and operates a Toronto web design company that provides custom website development and Internet marketing services. For more Internet marketing information, please visit

10 Rarely Used Ways To Upgrade Your Ad

1. Tell your potential customers special events your
business has sponsored. It could be charities, fund
raisers, charity auctions, etc.

2. Tell your potential customers about any mergers
or joint ventures with other reputable organizations
or businesses they would recognize.

3. Tell your potential customers some valuable info.
This will create rapport with them. It could be tips,
a how-to excerpt, etc.

4. Tell your potential customers about reviews of
special events your business attended. It could be
trade shows, seminars or conferences.

5. Tell your potential customers stories about your
customer service. It could be how you help a new
customer, an award you won, etc.

6. Tell your potential customers stories about your
employees. It could be about why they like to work
for you, their personal profile, etc.

7. Tell your potential customers about milestones
and goals your business has achieved. It could be
a sales goal, customers served goal, etc.

8. Tell your potential customers about innovations
your business has discovered. It could be inventions,
new technologies, patents, new products, etc.

9. Tell your potential customers the things you have
done to improve your product. It could be lighter,
faster, heavier, slower, etc.

10. Tell your potential customers a little history or
past information about your business. It could be
how it started, how you got the product idea, etc.

Quote of the Day:

"A person's treatment of money is the most decisive test of
his character, how they make it and how they spend it." --
James Moffatt

Warm regards,

Nial Robbins

What to Do When Your Customers Don't Hear Your Call to Action

For many small business owners, email is an important marketing
tool. Email helps you keep in touch with customers and prospects,
it allows you to demonstrate how you help customers thereby
building credibility, and email leads to more sales.

When done well, email is an awesome guerrilla marketing tool.

"Done Well" doesn't mean you have absolute killer copy. In my
experience you can have a well-written, relevant marketing
message and still blow it when it comes to getting readers to
take action. If no one in your audience takes action, what's the

The Marketing Message and the Call to Action

A well-crafted marketing message addresses the following:

1. Who the message is meant for (example: real estate brokers)
and the problem (hard to sell homes in bad economy)

2. What they've tried to solve the problem (example: more
advertising, open houses, etc)

3. Why what they tried doesn't work (example: open houses
attract people who aren't really serious about buying)

4. What they need to do (strategies to better screen for serious

5. Why you are well qualified to solve their problems
(experience, track record, education, etc.)

6. Call to action (specific steps folks reading your message
should take to work with you)

This article focuses on #6. Reason being I see so many mistakes
made with the Call to Action and unfortunately, if you don't
have a strong call to action, you'll lose a lot of genuinely
interested prospects.

Example: Call to Action -- Done Badly

Let's say you're the real estate broker reading through the
message I outlined. You've been struggling because it's taking
so long to sell the homes you have listed. Now you're hopeful.
This company seems to have a solution for your problem. Great!
You want to know more. The call to action is: "Contact Dave

I see this type of Call to Action all the time. Seems nice and

Yet, statistics show most people don't follow through on these
requests. Why? Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. Are
you stressed? Yes, probably. Now I know when I get stressed out
the simplest decision can feel overwhelming. That "simple" call
to action, "contact Dave" is actually requiring me to do
something out of my daily routine: to contact Dave. In addition,
I have to make a bunch of decisions including:

1. When should I contact Dave? Now? No, what if he calls me and
makes a sales pitch. I don't want to deal with that.

2. What should I say in my email? Should I introduce myself? Talk
about the problem. How much information do I need to provide?

3. Do I even want to contact this Dave guy? What if this is a
scam. Maybe Dave is really a nefarious hacker collecting emails
so he can steal my identity!

4. and so on.

Your simple call to action is not so simple.

Requirements for an Effective Call to Action

So if a simple "call Dave" isn't enough information, what does
it take?

To get someone reading your message to take the next step, you
need to provide enough information for your reader to see how the
action fits within their current situation. Ways to help your
readers fit your request in include:

When to contact
How to contact
What to ask for
What to expect when they contact you

Example: Call to Action -- Makeover

Let's go back to the message written to realtors looking for
sales help. Our realtor is feeling stressed and discouraged
because the slow economy means it takes her twice as long to sell
homes. She reads the marketing message from Dave and Co, and it
looks like Dave can help. She wants to know more and reads this
call to action.

"Get our free 10-page report, 'Secrets to Sales Success in
Tough Markets.' Call toll-free 1-800-555-1234 and leave your
name and mailing address. You'll receive your report within 7
business days. If you call before January 15, we'll include our
special guide, '50 Tips for Presenting a House to Sell.'" Like
the earlier version, this message is short and to the point. But
it also provides important details that give the reader the
structure need to take action:

* Exactly what to do (call a 1-800 number and leave mailing
* What they'll get (a free 10-page report)
* When to do it (by January 15 to get the report and bonus
* What to expect (they'll get the report within 7 business

Other simple details that make call to actions more effective
include maps, driving directions, hours of operation, special
discount codes, and coupons.

Bottom Line

If the marketing message on your website, brochure, postcard, or
ad is well-done but the number of people responding to your offer
is dismal, take a look at your call to action. Adding a few
simple details that help your prospects understand how taking
action fits into their life may be all it takes to turn your
offer from "OW" to "WOW."

Judy Murdoch helps small business owners create low-cost,
effective marketing campaigns using word-of-mouth referrals,
guerrilla marketing activities, and five-star strategic alliances.
To download a free copy of the workbook, "Where Does it Hurt?
Marketing Solutions to the problems that Drive Your Customers
Crazy!" go to
You can contact Judy at 303-475-2015 or

Making Money with High Paying Adsense Keywords

Google was ingenious when they came up with Adsense. Not only do
they get an opportunity to make additional money from their
search engines, but they also allow Internet marketers a chance
to make money in an easier manner. Why is this so? Well, with
traditional affiliate marketing, you must make a sale before you
receive commission. But with Adsense, all you have to do is
create content that will produce ads that readers will click on.
And in return for just a click, you will receive a few cents or
in many cases, SEVERAL dollars.

This is where high paying Adsense keywords come in. So how can
you find these high paying words? There are two approaches. The
easiest one involves looking up pre-made lists. The other one
involves you doing the research through Google’s Adwords tool.
Simply enter in the term you’re interested in, and the tool will
tell you how much each click is worth.

In terms of actual value, there are high paying keywords that are
worth more than $20. There are even a few that are in the range
of $40 to $69. In both cases, these keywords tend to revolve
around lawyers, debt, credit cards, schooling and illness. And,
contrary to what some may think, often times the most expensive
Adsense keywords revolve around long-tail terms over more
generalized phrases.

Either way, if you decide to promote these keywords, you could
become independently wealthy relatively quickly. However, you do
need to be aware of some things before going after these
ultra-profitable of keywords.

First off, you must remember that Google will take its cut from
each keyword. And you will not know how much they will take until
the stats start coming in. So, don’t assume that 1,000 clicks
from a $45 keyword will equal $45,000. Your cut will end up being
much less than that. But it will still be much more generous than
if you promoted a keyword that was only worth .05.

In addition, be aware that the higher paying keywords tend to not
drive much traffic because there is so much competition
surrounding them. So, unless you can beat the competition with a
Fortune 500 business, you’ll have to be more creative with how
you promote these keywords.

For example, consider the keyword “mesothelioma treatment
options” which is currently worth $32.09. There are a ton of
websites ranked for this keyword, so you can forget about search
engine traffic for this term. What you will have to do is drive
traffic through other terms with Internet articles. And, you will
have to think outside of the box to do this.

For instance, instead of promoting “mesothelioma treatment
options” you could promote mesothelioma message boards, books or
treatment centers. You could talk about mesothelioma and family
support. Ultimately, if you put your heart and mind into it,
there’s no limit to what you will come up with.

In conclusion, high paying keywords could be your ticket towards
financial independence. Yet, remember, even the gurus don’t earn
money overnight. You will still need to put in a lot of work
through proper SEO and keyword optimization. Once you do that,
the profits will surely start to come in.

Blake Evans is a writer for, a site created to help
businesses build web traffic through search engine optimization
strategies. Search a collection of articles and tutorials in the
SEO training series. (
Discover basic through advanced SEO topics at

For Bigger, Faster Profits, Keep Your Business Simple and Overhead Low

Are you ready to earn BIG money? It's been proven over and over
again the people who make the MOST money are those who own their
own business.

The average SMALL business owner, and I mean SMALL, earns more in
their own business than they ever did working for someone else.

And what about those businesses that fail? The US Small Business
Administration says almost all those owners get back up and start
a new business where they earn good money.

These days most people already understand owning a business can
greatly improve their lifestyle. What they usually don't know is
just how to design their business so it generates maximum

Most would say common sense tells you the bigger the business,
the BIGGER the profits. Grow your business into a multi-million
dollar building, employ 200 people, spend $2 Million on
advertising -- and hey, you MUST be making LOTS of money!

But that very often IS NOT the case. A large restaurant may need
to do $100,000 dollars in sales each month just to break even.

What I'm getting to is THIS -- To make the most money FAST, keep
your business SIMPLE. And keep your overhead LOW!

Remember the old principle that is as true today as it was when
Benjamin Franklin wrote it two centuries ago: a penny saved is a
penny earned. All that money you DON'T spend can be counted as

One of my favorite stories goes back to the very beginning of the
McDonalds restaurant chain. McDonalds founder Ray Kroc visited
the tiny McDonalds Brothers drive-in to find out why they were
making so much money. What he found was the original McDonalds
was keeping customers happy with just 9 menu items made with a
dozen ingredients. Talk about simple!

Not only that, but the first McDonalds required just a few
minimum-wage employees, keeping labor costs very low.

Kroc, who already owned his own coast-to-coast business, was
impressed beyond belief at just how SIMPLE the first McDonalds
was, and just how LOW the overhead. Kroc immediately understood
that McDonalds was a huge profit maker, one that could be
DUPLICATED around the country and eventually around the world.

Recently I have been telling people to get into the food service
industry. No matter how deep the recession goes, people will
ALWAYS need to eat. Most restaurants see their sales go UP as
many other industries watch their belts tighten.

But just like Ray Kroc, I'm not a huge fan of running a BIG
restaurant with a big expensive staff and huge monthly bills.
There simply isn't enough room for profits. And keeping up with
all the inherent complexity and headaches can drive an otherwise
sane owner over the edge.

Instead, I advise starting your own restaurant delivery business.
You provide the one IN-DEMAND service MOST restaurants don't.
You bring restaurants' delicious food to their customers,
keeping a nice profit in your own business that is super simple
and has remarkably low overhead.

I show you how to do this in a detailed report that gives you the
step-by-step process of starting your own SIMPLE business with
LOW overhead.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now. And keep your
operation simple and profitable.

Get Joe McVoy's FREE report "The 10 Secrets to Starting a
Food Business, Even in a Recession," available NOW at Learn how to
earn a HUGE income in your own food business with very
little investment. Reach Joe at

How To Be Really Successful In Your Home Business and/or

The traditional method of growing most work from home business
and network marketing is by spending hours on the phone calling
prospects, convincing and converting them into customers. Out of
these leads that you generate, you can recruit representatives
to further increase your profits from your home business.

Keeping customers satisfied, gaining their trust and building a
strong relationship with them are just some of the things to
remember with your home business and network marketing. This is
all part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

You have a few options - you can either purchase or generate
your own leads – but once you have enough leads, then you have
to know what to do with it. There is such a thing as a `bad
lead' where you will get prospects' objections and rejections.

However, there is a disadvantage in getting the services of a
lead generation company since some of them might sell re-used
leads – which you will not get to discover until it is way too
late. So, please conduct your due diligence first.

Also, in your home business, it is important to learn how you
can get your prospects to always say yes, instead of hearing a
bunch of no's from prospects. In addition, you need to make sure
that your advertising money is worth it. Thus, you should
measure and evaluate the Return on Investments (ROI) on the
various advertising methods that you are using.

With Internet marketing, you have to be innovative and find
ways to develop a well-thought out promotional campaign. Try to
incorporate automation, for example, use of autoresponders in
your business sales funnel & your leads generation methods.
However, you cannot predict the results. You may have an
extremely profitable and successful promotional campaign one
time and then completely fail the next time. The important thing
is for you to evaluate what went right and what went wrong. Do a
post-mortem on your advertising methods. Reinvest in those
methods that worked well.

With the popularity of blogging, you can use this in expanding
your business and generating leads. For example, if you are an
entrepreneur who has a small fashion business, you can have a
blog where users interested in fashion clothes can post their

Being a home-based business entrepreneur, you need to market
and promote your business. You can easily do this and generate a
lot of lead by having the visitors on your blog post comments
and address their questions and feedbacks to you, personally.
This would not just add on to your lead but also give you a
feedback of what most of your prospective customers want or

To further automate your home business, you may want to
consider the use of autoresponders, which allows you to send out
pre-written messages to your prospects on a preset interval
time. Imagine "freeing' yourself from the ardeous tasks of
manually tracking and writing emails to all your prospects in
different times!

In a nutshell, in order to be successful in your home business
&/or network marketing, you need to evaluate and find a business
platform which gives you the highest level of automation
available, to achieve your online success.

About The Author: David is an expert internet marketer and
writes on various topics of work from home business & home-based
business. To get your secrets & tips for your work from home
business, visit

Eight Easy Ways To Make Money From Anywhere

There are many great ways to make money online. The problem is
that some of them just simply require too much time and effort.
One reason people choose to work from their home and start an at
home business is so that they can actually spend more time with
her family and friends and less time working. The ideal type of
stay-at-home job allows you to work anywhere in the world. With
these methods, you can create cash and make money part time
online. In this article we will take a look at the top 8 ways to
make money while you're on the road or anywhere for that matter.

1. Get Paid to Surf the Web: It is possible for you to get paid
to surf the Web. This simply requires you taking a couple of
hours or whatever time you have out of your day to visit other
people's web sites. Now this won't make you rich, but it is a
way to make a little extra money without you expending a lot of
energy or brainpower.

2. Get Paid to Play Games: There are some companies that will
pay you to test video games, and this can be a really fun ways
to earn some extra cash if you are a video game buff. This is a
fun way to get paid.

3. Get Paid to Read E-mails: This is another simple way to make
money and it's a good for people just starting out on the
Internet. Again, you just sign up with various online companies.
They send you emails and then when you open them up, a certain
amount of money is credited to your account. Again, you can do
this absolutely anywhere. This is another common type of get
paid to complete offer. It is a very simple and fast way to
create cash. You can find these types of offers along with get
paid to fill out surveys and surf the web at websites such as
the ones mentioned below.

4. Get Paid to Fill Out Surveys: Many people who have attempted
to find work online, have come across paid surveys ads and this
simply involves you filling out surveys for various companies
and they pay you for your time. Again, you won't get rich doing
this because there are only so many hours in the day and only so
many surveys actually provide payouts. However, again it is
simple work and you can make a few extra dollars. This is
similar to getting cash to complete offers. You earn cash money
filling out surveys. Below is a site that has high payouts and
is constantly updating it's survey offers.

5. Blogging: Most people have heard of blogging by now. If you
haven't, a blog is just a simple web site that allows you to
express your feelings and allows other people to do the same.
Blogs can also be monetized and you can make money from them by
simply signing up and promoting an affiliate program are by
adding Google Adsense to your blog.

6. Create a Newsletter: Creating a newsletter is another way to
earn money online. You just need to simply find a subject that
you're interested in, write about it on a timely basis. Recruit
readers and sell them something within your newsletter. It can
be an actual product or it can be an e-book.

7. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing simply involves
selling other people's products with you getting a percentage of
the sales price. You can promote affiliate products using Google
AdWords, article marketing, or even social bookmarking. You can
create cash fast with affiliate marketing.

8. eBay: eBay is a great way to make extra money online and you
don't have to sell a physical product. Many people sell e-books
or digital products, and this is a good way to create cash
absolutely anywhere.

About The Author:

Title: Choosing The Right Home Based Business Work For You

When asked "What's your dream job?" do you automatically say to
be a manager/boss of a multi-million dollar company? If yes,
good for you; you have a clear goal, right? Not for people who
have already been burned out by the office politics, stressing
commute to work and all corporate conundrums, though. Having a
job where you can work from home seems like the ideal solution
to all those long hours stuck in an office. Not surprisingly
then, work-from-home jobs are rapidly growing in popularity.

There is a lot of money to be made from the Internet for people
who know what they are doing. Also, as the world become a
smaller place it is less and less essential for people to
actually work in an office.

If you are new to the world of working from home then you have
to know something about the types of telecommuting jobs that are
available. There is a misconception that there is only one type
of work from home job – in fact, there are five.

It is essential that you choose the one that makes the most of
your skills and stops you from wasting your efforts on jobs that
will not earn you the most profit.

Here is an overview of the sort of home working jobs are
offered on the Internet:

1) Off-Site Work

This means that you can perform the job without having to be in
a particular place. You are free to choose anywhere that you
want to work from, worldwide, on the condition that you complete
your allocated tasks. It doesn't matter if you choose to be at
home or at the local internet café. Many of these types of job
do entail a large amount of travel.

2) Virtual Work

Many administration tasks can be performed from home. Virtual
work, or transitioned work, is still office approved. The person
in charge permits you to perform a number of your tasks from an
alternative location.

3) Telecommute-Only Opportunities

Some jobs do not require your physical presence at an office to
get a job done. This is the work at home job in its truest
sense, because you do not have to leave the house or change out
of your pajamas to go to work.

4) Telecommute Option Work

The active word here is 'option'. This allows you to choose to
work from the company's office, or not. You can decide to create
your own home office or make the daily trip to the office.

5) Freelance or contract work

In this case, there it is not necessary for you to have a home
office or to travel to an actual office. You are hired by a
client to undertake a particular project or task and this is on
a per-job basis.

6) Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the endorsement of products through the
Internet. You can either sell tangible products or infoproducts
such as e-books, reports, and software. It can be a lucrative
work-from-home business depending on your effort and

By practice, most Internet marketers have successfully learned
direct sales strategy as their approach in selling their
products. As an Internet marketer, you must realize there are
gazillions of competitions out there. However, many Internet
marketers are now becoming more adept in other ways of selling
their products.

The key to being successful when working from home is to
ascertain which type of position is best for you. The above
overview is intended as a guide to help you to make a more
informed decision.

Of course, working from home does not allow you to take it easy
all of the time. You still have to perform the work. The fact
that you can choose where to do that work is a bonus that should
not be taken for granted.

About The Author: L. Edward helps people to start a business,
get grant money, build, market online at L. Edward Recommends As Seen on
FOX NEWS TV , A Work At Home Program that is changeing peoples
lives, visit

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Need Home Business ideas?

For many people the idea of working at home is extremely
desirable. The flexibility, the possible income, being your own
boss and more time with your family. But, what kind of home
business idea would make all of that possible? First you need to
ask yourself what you enjoy doing or what is easy and tolerable
for you to do. There is no point in starting up a home business
if you aren't going to enjoy doing it. Lack of enthusiasm could
lead to laziness and eventually the end of your home business.

Some home business ideas are crafty ones - no pun intended!
Knitters, sewers, quilt makers or general craft enthusiasts have
all been somewhat to greatly successful in creating and
sustaining a home business. Other home business ideas in this
area would be to find someone who is crafty and wouldn't mind
selling their work. You would advertise and market their
products and make a percentage off of the sales. This can
require a little research on your part to find out what is new
and trendy or what has a dominant hold on the market and has for
some time. Once you get your idea, you need to begin creating it
or find a partner who can create it for you.

A very successful home business idea that lots of stay at home
parents have made a decent income doing is selling gently used
items over eBay or similar auction-type websites. Those who make
a good living at this will go so far as to hit the local thrift
stores in search of items that will sell. The cost of the item
is nothing next to the profits that can be made especially with
extra desirable items.

If you have a particular skill, such as music or science,
starting up your own tutoring business can really pay off in the
long run. Its good to start off with people you know who are
looking for tutoring and offer them a reduced price compared to
what they would pay for someone who is already established. If
you can get them to agree to be a reference for you, then you
can gain more and more clients. With the money you make you'll
be able to create a space in your home or train someone new or
even take a class in a particular subject that seems to be in
demand in your area.

For those with sales skills of any kind, the ideas for a home
business are practically limitless! When people think about
sales they envision having to fill their home with all kinds of
products. But, consider a home business idea where you are
selling time. Time your clients won't lose because you'll be
performing those tasks for them. For example, not everyone is
organized, but perhaps you are extremely organized. Offer an
organizational service to help get people's files in order. Not
everyone can or enjoys doing taxes. Becoming a tax preparer is
somewhat cheap and simple and there is nothing that says you
can't run your own business by preparing other people's taxes.

Whatever home business idea you go out to accomplish, just be
sure to check the local, state and federal laws to ensure you
won't be paying penalties later or, the dreaded outcome, be shut
down and have to start all over again. But, if you can be
successful with your idea, you could end up receiving all those
things that made you want to start a home business in the first
place: flexibility, extra income, being your own boss and more
time with your family.

About The Author: The author Niels Bach is the owner of an
internet home business. Get inspired to find your home business
niche at

Monday, September 29, 2008

How to become a millionaire

How to achieve that million dollar success, at any age.

So who do you know that would like to have a cool million in
the bank? My guess is that most of the people you know would
like to travel through this life without having to worry about
paying the bills. Do you think you can get there with just your
J.O.B. or will you have to find another way to achieve that
lofty million dollar goal?

Let's take a look at some of the numbers needed to get to the
million dollar plateau and if you think you can make it. We'll
start at the age of 25 and work our way to 55 in 10 year

Starting with $0 at the age of 25: Age is on your side here and
you only need to save $2,084 per month to have a million bucks
by age 65. Not so bad if you have no responsibilities, a really
good paying job and no bills to pay.

Starting with $0 at the age of 35: Getting close to half the
age of life expectancy now and you will need to save $2,778 per
month to have a cool million by the age of 65. A tuff nut to
swallow if you have a mortgage, car payment and kids.

Starting with $0 at the age of 45: Kids are out of the nest and
you will have to kick it into high gear and save $4,167 per
month to reach the million dollar goal by the age of 65.
Hopefully your salary has gone up, the household has two incomes
and you're driving a beater.

Starting with $0 at the age of 55: Now you're a geezer and you
will need to save a whopping $8,334 per month to have that
million dollar nest egg within 10 years. Man life passes us by
quickly and it seemed like only yesterday…

You get the picture and of course none of the above figures
include any investing, interest or compounding of your money,
inheritance or the like. It is simply an illustration of what we
would all need to do to get to that magical number of a million
dollars if we were to stuff the money in the mattress. With this
in mind I'm willing to bet that we'll all need to supplement our
livelihoods with some type of extra income to reach our goal.

One of the best ways to supplement your income is a work from
home opportunity that doesn't use all of your free time to
accommodate making that extra income. It needs to have a simple
business model that anyone can follow, not cost an arm and a leg
to start and it must also be able to generate a passive income
flow. It will also need elements that make it easy for any age
group to get involved, no matter what their background.

Any income opportunity or home based business, weather it is a
product driven Multi Level Marketing company, Direct Sales
company or a Cash Gifting program; they all need to provide
residual income. This will create an effect that compounds any
effort by the individual to develop his/her business. As the
income opportunity builds momentum and adds more and more people
the process often times self perpetuates itself and develops the
desired outcome, which is as we all know, extra income.

Woody Allen once said "Eighty percent of success is showing
up". Opportunity passes many of us by each and every day. Some
of us see it, some do not. Hopefully opportunity and success
don't pass you buy, you see it, you grasp it and you achieve
your million dollar success.

Watch for more articles on Cash Gifting and Home Based Business
Opportunities in the near future.

God Bless and Always Remember To Make It A Great Day!!

Michael J Kohn
New Image Marketing Group, Inc.

About The Author: Michael Kohn is the president of New Image
Marketing Group Inc. With a background of over 25 successful
years in sales and marketing he brings a modern and easy to
follow approach to direct sales and internet marketing. Please
Visit Us At:,

Friday, September 26, 2008


I am so sorry for not posting regularly guys.

We're trying to move to our own domain name


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are You Locked In Everlasting Ignorance?

Working with aspiring internet marketers for a dozen years has
been both exhilarating and exasperating.

It's exhilarating to see someone, who just the previous month
was struggling to make the rent payment, finally "get it" and
start regularly selling something that the market loves.

It's exasperating to watch someone who "intellectually"
understands how to build a successful online business, but for
some reason won't do what they know that they should do. For
some reason, they look at the obvious answers, say to themselves,
"there must something else," and then keep on looking for other

When you ask these people why they're not building a list,
offering that list what they tell them that they want, and
building real relationships with members of that list, they
respond with a look of bewilderment and contempt.

The real problem seems to be that they know what you know, but
won't do what you are doing and tell them to do to... seemingly
largely out of contempt, and a disbelief that it really can be
that simple.

They are described perfectly by Herbert Spencer, when he said:

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information,
which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to
keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt
prior to investigation."

Contempt may actually seem like a rather strong word, but how
else would you describe someone observing what you are doing, and
obviously dismissing it as too simplistic.

They understand that it works for those who use it, but for
someone as enlightened as they are, there must be something more
advanced... something more complex.

So they keep look for the secret to online success, and smirk
when they look at the "simpletons" who so willingly dismiss
their right to contempt, and do what is proven to work.

This is of course not about anyone that you know personally.
However, if you are around internet marketing long enough, you
will encounter someone that this seems to describe perfectly.

At that point, please be kind. There is actually nothing that you
can do for a man who chooses to stay locked in everlasting

Willie Crawford is founder of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle and host of "Willie Crawford Teaches Real Internet
Marketing," an internet-based radio show you'll find at Visit Willie's
show to learn how you can easily grow your email list by
1000 new subscribers within the next 30 days.

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Internet Marketing Strategy For Your Home Business

Author: Anderson Josiah
Word Count: 508
Format: 64cpl
Author Contact:

Easy Publish Tool:

================== ARTICLE START ==================
Planning a financial budget is certainly one of the most
important things a company can do, It is defiantly impossible to
get anything done correctly in company without a financial
budget, and in the more experienced company models it is against
the law not to have financial budgets that shows you exactly
what is the company's financial position in terms of cash flow
and cash availability.

Planning your financial budget is probably the most importantly
thing you can ever do to help company. A well planned financial
budget that is well executed is going to be a good help to any
company, naturally a badly planned financial budget will
defiantly be the collapse of any company before they even have
the chance to be successful.

So, what is it that actually makes a great financial budget?
Well, in a nut shell any financial budget that has incoming
money that covers the out going monies is a great start. Even
more so, the cash inflows must at least be equal if not in more
than of the cash outflows and the cash outflows together have to
produce something that is very competitive to the company
itself. So simply put you need to make more money than you

A great rule to follow when putting together a budget is the
cost efficiency principle. This principle simply says that you
should try not be tentative to spend y amount of money if you
are will get z amount of money in return with z being at equal
to y if not higher. Now, this is a very interesting idea but
some might argue that it is not doable in the early stages of a
company because a company needs to spend a lot of money to get
itself off and running successfully.

This is a very critical point, but one that is very superficial
at best. Although each item y might not produce a gross income
of z, you can add other items together to receive that result.
Suppose you have a + b + c resulting in e + f + g and both of
these equations are equal to D, then there is nothing to be
worried about because you are following to the cost efficiency
principle in your financial budget.

This should be exactly how you plan a good budget. You identify
exactly what has to be done from a financial point of view and
then make sure to do it out in a way that will allow you to
apply the cost efficiency principle. Do not ever invest money in
a company unless you plan to make profits (or something more
valuable than the as money you invested) out of it; If this does
not happen you need to ask your self, what was the reason for
starting a company. If you would like to know more on this topic
check out the link below and get a free copy of "Dotcomology"
the art of making money on the internet.

About The Author: Andy The Home Biz Wiz recommends for more
information subscribe to my FREE Internet Home Business tips
newsletter and get hundreds of money making tips and tricks
along with FREE Software delivered to your inbox. A $147 value,
yours FREE:

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Free Stuff

We are pleased to offer you this exciting, new, and entirely free professional resource. Visit our Free Industry resource center today to browse our selection of 600+ complimentary Industry magazines, white papers, webinars, podcasts, and more. Get popular titles including:

Extraordinary Customer Service
Content Management System Pocket Guide - A Guide to Evaluating, Implementing and Deploying Content Management Systems
The Value of Unified Recruiting + Performance Management

No credit cards, coupons, or promo codes required. Try it today!

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Do Free List-Building Giveaways Work?

One of the biggest complaints that we hear from novice Internet
marketers is that they can't compete with others in their niche
because they "have no list."

One of the solutions frequently offered is to suggest that they
stop whining, and start building a list. Somewhat more productive
advice is to suggest that they join one of the free list-building
giveaways as a starting point.

Naturally, that brings us to the question of "are free
list-building giveaways" worth the trouble?"

Do they work? Do they produce quality subscribers?

My personal answer is, "It depends." If you do it the way that
90% of people entering those free giveaways do it, then I think
that you're hurting yourself more than you're helping.

I DO offer free items in select free giveaways. Just one of my
several autoresponder accounts with is
rapidly approaching a verifiable 200,000 subscribers. Many of
these subscribers did join my list(s) as a result of free

So, why did I answer with "it depends" then? First of all, you
need to realize that contributing a gift during one of these free
giveaways is just the first step in a long relationship-building
process. Far too many people blow it right from the start. They
offer a free "gift" in these events that they'd be insulted if
someone offered to them. They violated "Rule #1".

Whatever you offer in one of these free giveaways, or any gift
that you offer to your customers for that matter, should be
something nice enough that you COULD sell it if you chose to.

Starting a relationship off by offering someone JUNK, as a bribe
to get them onto your list, leaves them with a bad first
impression of doing business with you. Offering an ANCIENT
product that you have resale rights to (along with 10,000
others), or that you purchased on Ebay for 99 cents, is plain

To give you an idea of the quality of gift that I think that you
should offer, the most recent one that I contributed was a free
ebook entitled, " How To Keep Digital Product Thieves From
Robbing You Blind." I wrote this ebook from scratch, consulting
with several computer security and website experts in the
process, and then GAVE it away as an subscriber bonus. That was
an ebook that I researched, wrote, collaborated on, and had some
nice graphics designed for... all so that I could give it away.

The second thing to consider is the quality of the giveaway

You need to get involved in events where the organizers cares
enough to really monitor the quality of the gifts contributed.

You do not want to be associated with a free list-building
giveaway that "feels desperate or amateurish."

You also need to make sure that the organizer of the giveaway
REQUIRES joint venture partners (gift contributors) to all
promote the event. Ideally, those who are discovered not
promoting the event, usually by the fact that they have made NO
referrals, should be purged from the database of those eligible
to receive subscribers fairly early in the giveaway's timeline.

I've witnessed countless free giveaways where the majority of
contributors merely contributed an outdated product and then did
absolutely NO promotion. They planned on getting a free ride. A
promotion with lot of people doing that can, at best, have only
mediocre results.

Participating in free list-building giveaways CAN jump-start your
list-building. I know numerous online marketers who've built
lists into the thousands... and even tens of thousands with most
of their early list members being from free giveaways. It does
work. It can build you a targeted, responsive list if you offer
the right gifts, and if you select the right giveaways. If you
join the wrong ones, contribute JUNK, and then wait for others to
do all of the work, you're in for a big disappointment. In these
type of events you do get exactly what you give.

Willie Crawford has been teaching list-building and website
traffic generation since late-1996. His ebook, ""How I Boosted
My Ezine Sign-Up Rate By 5200 MORE Subscribers Per Month -
Virtually Overnight - And You Can Too," considered a classic
by many, is availalbe at:

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Making money by blogging has become a very popular way to make money through the Internet. After all, a blog is content on the Internet which has a value. How much value it is worth depends on many factors. The primary factor would have to be the blog’s traffic. If you’re trying to make money through your blog, keep setting short term goals for yourself. This will help you achieve your ultimate goal without having any doubt of whether or not it is possible for you to do.

Blogs have become commercialized just like the Internet did when it was first making its appearance. You can earn money from blogs in a variety of different ways. How you do it depends on the type of blog that you have as well as how you want to go about making the money that is available for you to make.

The most popular choice of making money with your blog would have to be advertising. By providing other websites/blogs with advertising on your blog, you give them an opportunity to promote themselves while giving yourself the opportunity to earn some extra cash for yourself. In order to make decent money from providing advertising, you need to have a good amount of traffic. You should always try to drive new traffic to your blog as much as possible.

AdSense has provided webmasters and bloggers both with the opportunity to place Google AdWords on your blog/website. Each time a visitor clicks on the ad, you are given money in your AdSense account. The amount depends on the payout for that certain keyword that is used by the advertisers.

coffee-time.pngThere are tons of resources online that can tell you how to make money blogging, one of them is 10 ways to make money blogging, it highlights all the aspects of monetization of a blog other then that there are 7 reasons you should be a blogger and 5 ways you can be an even more productive blogger, there are so many perks of being a money blogger online!

A great way to earn money yourself is by providing a service from your blog. This could include consultation or even writing. Help others accomplish something by using you to accomplish what they can’t get done by themselves. By providing your expertise, you are building your reputation as well as your wallet.

There is a large variety of affiliate programs that you can use to make money on your blog. Affiliate programs usually make more money than AdSense most of the time. If you’re in a lucrative niche such as web hosting, the money can add up really quick if you have enough people willing to click on the ad and follow through with a purchase. There are tons of people like John Chow who have made tremendous money from their blogs with affiliate marketing.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making money with your blog. You just need to be sure to spend the time that is needed promoting, researching, and adding content to your blog regularly. The old saying remains true that you will get out what you put in. You just can’t start a blog and expect it to magically make you money without having to put in a little bit of work. There are many other ways that you can make money with your blog, this article was written to give you a basic understanding of some of the possibilities that are there for you to take advantage of.

Now I’m gonna go ahead and post some of the big money makers that i know of!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're changing to serve you better

We're soon going on a revamp in design to serve you better

just felt i should let you know

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Submit Your Blog At

With over 1.3 billion people, China has the world’s largest population and according to a Forbes report, China surpasses US in internet use. Reaching over 162 million internet users as of June 2007, China has the world’s second largest internet population. A statistics that can’t be ignored by online entrepreneurs. Given the enormous number of internet users, it is therefore not surprising to find out that, China’s most popular search engine, is ranked as the 5th most popular website in the world. The fact is, there are more people who are using Baidu, than Yahoo, MSN Live and Ask to search the internet. Hence, appearing from Baidu’s search result is a great potential source of traffic to your blog. Today’s post answers why and how you should submit your blog at

Why Should You Submit Your Blog To

Probably, you don’t care submiting to Baidu for several reasons. Firstly, is a Chinese search engine and most Chinese don’t understand English. Since your blog is written in English, it will be of no use to them. Secondly, your target readers are from a certain geographic location (e.g. United States of America, United Kingdom). And lastly, you don’t understand Chinese so probably you won’t understand the submission procedures of Baidu.

Since China has embraced globalization, it has welcomed foreign languages especially English. As China prepares to host the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese government launched a massive campaign to teach English to its citizens. Assuming that the trend of studying English continues in China, China will soon be the largest English speaking country in the world.

Regarding targeting specific geographic location, I don’t see any reason why you should deprive your blog of traffic from other countries especially from regions where the Alexa toolbar is widely used. Submitting your blog to will take you less than 1 minute. Simply enter your blog’s URL and a enter the verification code and you’re done. That’s how easy it is.

Simple Steps In Submitting Your Blog To

  1. CLICK HERE to submit your blog/website.
  2. Enter your blog’s URL just like it’s shown in the picture. Enter the verfication code and hit the gray button.
    enter your URL and verification code then hit the gray button
  3. You should see this message confirming that you’ve submitted your blog’s URL successfully.
    successful submission to

Now that you’re done, you will have to wait for Baidu’s crawler to visit and index your blog or you can submit your blog to other search engines.

Friday, May 2, 2008

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Posted by Ahson Rafiq on January 28th, 2008

This was kinda long overdue so here it is 10 ways you can make money from your blog.

While building up this blog i was not hoping for a decent income here soon so building it up was my first priority after the traffic and readers kicked in then it was time to start monetizing and I’m only half way through doing that, there are so many things i can add here that can make me decent money but theres a time and place for everything, right now this blog is earning around 200-300$/month which is not bad since this is its very first earning month and yes I’ll be providing a earning report at the end of the month as well.

So lets get started..

Direct Ad Sales

Direct ad sales builds up 70% of my revenue and its really important that you have a advertisement page on your blog that explains what spots are available on your blog and how they can buy ad spots on your blog. Direct AD sales can be banners/text links/sponsored reviews anything that you want to sell on your blog but some of the most used sales are as follows

  • Banner Ads
  • Text Link Ads
  • Sitewide links
  • In-content Links
  • Rss Ads

Email Marketing

If you are using feedburner’s email subscription feature then you will have a really good list going on that has subscribed to your blog’s update this list can be used to promote either your products or affiliate offers its just like buying a list of 100k emails from a forum but only this time the people receiving the email have subscribed to your mailing list by their own will. You can either use gmail (which i prefer) or go to Aweber. This is a really good way to promote your affiliates, you can get atleast 1-2 sales per email (to all) if you have the right product for the right traffic.

Remember, if you are selling water to the thirsty its a fast sale but if its consolidation loans…well then you need to be re educated..

But it doesn’t stop there, let’s say you run a webmaster blog where you post about webware and other webmaster related topics such as cms and themes, you can now offer email advertising packages to your advertisers where you get a relevant product and email it to your subscribers!

This may seem a bit slimy but we are talking about strictly making money to get through the month you’ll need to do this, specially if you are a new and upcoming blog with little reputation, you can worry about your rep when you have one. ;)

Ad Networks and Affiliate Networks

If you are a tech/sem blogger then you’ll be getting offers from either new ad networks , affiliate networks or product sites that have recently launched an affiliate section to their site and wnat you to promote it, I was reached a couple times by ad networks and was told that i’d be given 20$/month just for putting their ads on my site, that was really easy money!

Once again, I’d like to pressure the fact that you need to keep your blog highly relevant to your niche if you want the money to keep rolling in, the more off topic you go the more you confuser your readers, advertisers and potential readers.

Reviewing your own affiliates

Well sponsored reviews aren’t the only kind of reviews out there, if you want to get some extra juice going around the blog just review an affiliate product of your advertiser, earn some extra cash and add some new content to your blog at the same time, two birds with one stone!

That’s how webhost review blogs got started, they reviewed the service then linked to the site with their affiliate ids, they really pay good!

I actually did that right before this post, look at my review of How to be a rockstar freelancer

Turn your passion into profession

I’ve mentioned this point several times in my posts before, if you have a passion for something online then do it on your blog, show it off and make some money off of it while you’re doing that mine is wordpress themes and i tend to design a new theme every now and then and add it here, that not only gives me some extra link love and traffic but also potential wordpress themes clients that want unique themes designed for them as well!

If you want to do something similar then find what you like doing the most and do it, people can tell if you are passionate about something or not in an instant so don’t force yourself to like something, just be yourself, its easier and cheaper.


Ebooks are famous you may already know about the “How to be a freelance rockstar” by freelance switch that has got alot of attention now and continues to grow in every way for the blog and the brand name its a really good move!

If you have enough supporters of your methods of promotion, blogging, marketing or whatever the topic at hand may be, then its time to write an ebook with 10x more juice then your blogposts things you have never mentioned on your blog and then some would be in the ebook, thats another easy way to make money because people love to learn and ebooks are the perfect way of doing that.

Writing an ebook as a “product” of your blog is not only good for sales but for your blog as well people who “can’t” buy the book will simply subscribe to your blog and you’ll get more traffic that way!

In an effort to promote the blog more i also offer a free seo book here which has several great tips!

Using Sponsors and Competitions to make some extra moola!

If you are running a contest powered by a third party sponsor then there will be alot of traffic coming in as well as links that means motivated and relevant readers this is the time to increase your ad usage on the blog and also bulk up on affiliate reviews and advertising your feed this way you don’t only earn more but you get more feed readers as well.

Sponsors help you setup competitions, competitions drive traffic to your blog.

Now its your job to successfully run the competition while trying to make that competition work for you on a personal level as well, because you have to lookout for the well being of your business/blog not only the competition.

Just before this post i recieved an email from seonoobs - a request to be their sponsor for their contest, if you are wondering how to reach out to a blogger for a sponsorship, then this is how:

Hey there!

I just wanted to make you aware of a big SEO contest I’m having, and since you’re involved in the SEO industry, I thought it would be awesome to have industry specific sponsors. There are already some great prizes, but the more the merrier. Anything from a product sample, to reviews, consultations, to cash - it doesn’t matter. Just you being apart of it would make it a memorable one!

You can read more at the official contest post here.

If you’re interested, let me know as soon as you get time, as the contest kicks off on February 4th.

Thank you for your time, and have a super week!

Ryan L.


Network Blogs

If you already have an established blog which is at a level when you can advertise at any site you want successfully then its time to start another blog form another niche and advertise it partially on your main blog, I’ve done the same i started 2 new blogs when i saw the opportunity and i advertise them whenever i get the chance (whenever im not researching for blueverse).

Its important to have blogs on different topics, the more you spread yourself the more you’ll learn.
For example my free vista themes site is doing amazingly well considering the work i put into it its above average.

Selling your advice

Do people like your tips?
Have you proven yourself as a successful marketer?

Then people do want your advice, you can either sell a full consulting package or just brief advices based on what you see for a small fee, small money = small advice

And that could fuel your blog’s content as well, its like killing 3 birds with one pebble..

  1. Extra cash by selling teaser advices as posts - and a link to a full consultation package
  2. Blog content
  3. More readers!

Even SEOMoz has a Q&A section where the readers ask questions to rand and the whole team, more interaction, more content and more readers!
This is one of the easiest methods of making money blogging that i know of!

Sell your niche

If you have a really relevant website with targeted readers then you can diversify in so many ways, if you are a blogging tips kind of a blog then you can make a jobs board where people come and post their jobs and pay you a small one time for a limited post on the board, this is a good way to make money because your advertisers are looking for targeted and motivated users to be driven to their site and if you have a really targeted audience then you won’t have any problem doing this.

A jobs board isn’t the only idea i have here, here are a few..

  1. Top 10 Sites/Blogs of the week - bidding directory style
  2. Blog of the month
  3. Classifieds
  4. Community with a premium membership option
  5. T-shirts
  6. CDs
  7. Posters
  8. Content Packs
  9. Case studies


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Making the Blogosphere Love You

We Trust You

A lot of people going to my website don’t want to believe the facts, they don’t want to believe I’m a real person and am just 19 years old, making big bucks online and working a couple hours a day, if that! To put them at ease:

  • Provide pictures of your self “Look I’m 19″!
  • Provide Videos and Audio clips of yourself
  • Let them know you
  • Show the bank balance!
  • Have a story

Provide Value

When writing content for my websites and blog’s I also make sure to provide the value then try to make money. For example if a website is about how to make money online I will provide information about how to make money online and then try to make money. Since the pay per post phenomenon, a lot of high quality websites which provided great quality content have now started to bust out paid irrelevant paid revenues on the daily!

Value your readers

Once you have 1000’s of daily readers because of month’s of hard work, providing quality content, don’t let them done by flooding your website with adverts and paid posts.

To Summarize: Be Unique, Give Your Readers Value!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Entrepreneur's Work Experience In A Supermarket

A lot of the teenager’s and young entrepreneurs who read my website will have a “real job” in the offline world (scary thought, isn’t it). I also had a job in a supermarket for a brief period.

young entrepreneur started working in a supermarket

I started working at a supermarket in September of 2005 and quit that job in the December of 2006 when I launched Retire at 21. I learnt a lot about employees and customers in my time doing this and indeed, I would recommend that every young entrepreneur gets a “real job” - as it is vital life experience for anyone who wants to be there own boss!

Here is what I learnt:

Employees are lazy - every chance they have, they will take a break, cut corners, go missing and call in sick. I have experienced so many designers, programmers and marketers who have done a half arsed job, not been online for days on end and go for a coffee every 10 minutes.

A percentage of customers will be a pain in the arse - they can’t do anything for themselves, they expect you to do there shopping, pack their shopping, pay for them and then drive them home. After you have done all these things for them they will still complain!

Appearance is everything - every thing must be in the right place, do not make people think. This applies big time on your website, put links, logo and content where people expect to see them! (I confess, this is something I am still working on myself)

You can never please everyone - at the end of the day, customers will always complain about something, employees will never think there paid enough and no matter how easy you make it to find, someone won’t find it.

So what can we do about this?

Personally I like website businesses because it allows me to have few if any employees. Also, some entrepreneurs are drawn to the Internet simply because it is a method of keeping themselves somewhat remote from their customers - but of course this is not practical for every business.

Here are two suggestions that I have found useful - on how to make your business life flow more easily:

1) Build a support system that answers customers questions without you having to be involved. (FAQ’s) Many times you will get emailed the same question - keep a template of your reply and just “top and tail” it to suit the client, rather than writing out a new reply every time.

2) If you get asked a question repeatedly - then do a Blog Post or article that answers it

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Monday, April 7, 2008

5 Soul Crushing Mistakes That Beginner Bloggers Make

by Dean Hunt Posted in Blogging

There is nothing worse than seeing someone give up on their blog before it even got started. Sadly this happens to hundreds of new bloggers every day. So here are the five main mistakes that beginner bloggers make.

1 - Not Launching

Ok, so for the past 6 months you have been meaning to launch your blog, but you never got around to actually doing it. Listen, it is action that defines success, talking about doing something is as useful as an inflatable dart board.

2 - Being Cheap

Do not host your blog on blogger, typepad etc… e.g - this will make you look cheap, and if you do become successful, it will mean that your blog is almost impossible to sell, as you don’t legally own it. You can get your own domain for as little as $7.

3 - Giving up

All good things in life take time. Don’t give up after a few weeks. Most successful sites are very quiet for as much as the first 12 months, so be patient.

4 - Early ads

It always amazes me when people plaster their blogs with ads, despite the fact that 2 people per day are reading it. What do they expect to achieve from this?

Do not put ads on your site until you are getting at least 10,000 visitors per month. It makes you look cheap, and can harm your brand. Think about it, is it really worth taking the risk for an extra 26c per day?

5 - All Design and No Substance

It is all the crazy to have a custom theme and a shiny looking blog, but your content is a LOT more important. Focus on making quality content for the first six months, and if you are getting a lot of visitors, then invest in a fancy blog theme.

What other beginner blogging mistakes would you add to this list?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How to Be Lively,Appealing and Truthful in Sales Writing

by Marcia Yudkin

A lot of my clients shrink from using hype in their
marketing messages. Hype is a style of overexcited,
exaggerated writing that can fire up the eager reader, but
at the cost of trust or credibility in the eyes of someone
who is temperamentally or professionally skeptical.

For instance, here is a hype-y headline of the sort found
all around the Internet: "If You Can Write Your Name, You
Can Write and Publish a Book in 7 Days - Guaranteed!"
Having been a writing teacher, I know that the only way
such a claim could be valid would be to play games with the
accepted meanings of the words "write" or "book." People
who can write their name cannot necessarily write a
coherent sentence or paragraph much less have enough
ideas in their head to fill a book of average length.
Because of its implausibility, such a headline is all the
more appealing to those who feel impatient for results.

Many copywriting experts hold that if a headline or
marketing pitch sells and is not downright illegal for some
reason, it's the right way to write. However, I support my
clients' instinctive recoil from hype and help them with
more truthful yet still lively and appealing persuasive
techniques. You can create vivid, powerfully persuasive
copy without crossing the line into hype by learning these

No-hype Technique #1: Create rapport with the reader.

Think your way into the mind of your ideal customer and
express what they're thinking and feeling. Then build on
that. This wins over readers by connecting with where they
are and showing them the next logical step. For example:

Wishing that your book in progress could just finish itself
already? Writing a book can be an exercise in
procrastination, frustration and roadblocks. But when you
use the "Two-a-Day" Method, your book gets completed
easily, steadily and finally.

No-hype Technique #2: Use emotional words and phrases.

Dry, matter-of-fact language isn't as persuasive as wording
that acknowledges and expresses what's at stake in the
customer's situation and the feelings involved.

BEFORE: Our database offers detailed listings of more than
$3.7 billion in available scholarship funding.
AFTER: Access to our members-only database of more than
$3.7 billion in free, no-strings-attached scholarship money
means you can attend the college of your dreams without
enslaving yourself to future loan payments.

No-hype Technique #3: Add colorful details.

For every general concept you want to mention, substitute
or add specific, concrete details. Abstractions and
generalities never hit home as well as statements
containing numbers, names, places, stories and other
specifics. Also, general statements have little impact
because they sound like things we've all heard a zillion
times. Copywriters call the technique of adding detail
"dimensionalizing" because it turns a square little
statement into a 3-D patterned shape that the reader has
never quite encountered before.

In these two examples from Paul Lemberg's home page, the
section in parentheses dimensionalizes the claim just
before it:

* How to boost sales quickly; (50-100% year-over-year sales
increase is not unusual among my clients.)
* Escalate short-term profits and build long-term equity;
(One client recently sold their company for three times
what they had been led to expect by the so-called expert
investment bankers...)

No-hype Technique #4: Pair problems with solutions.

Listing problem after problem that a product solves or
prevents can come across as unbelievable and even
depressing. The opposite strategy, listing benefit after
benefit from the product, can seem too good to be true.
When you link the problem with the solution and at least
hint at a reason for the positive result, customers feel
they're getting something solid and valuable when they buy.

To illustrate this, here are three bullet points from Susan
C. Daffron's description of her book "Happy Hound: Develop
a Great Relationship With Your Adopted Dog or Puppy":

* The two main reasons dogs generally jump on people and
four ways to convince the dog you really don't need that
type of greeting
* Six safety instructions you must teach your children not
to do to avoid dog bites and the four things they should
always do if they encounter a dog they don't know
* Three keys for surviving "canine adolescence." As with
human children, adolescence is a time when dogs test limits
and try your patience!

(By the way, the numbers in those bullets help
dimensionalize the book's content, exemplifying tip #3.)

No-hype Technique #5: Paint vivid scenarios.

Feed the reader's imagination with what can realistically happen after they buy your product or service. You're not promising this will happen, but by putting the reader into
the future, he or she pictures it happening and feels motivated to have the result.

Here, for instance, is how I fed the reader's imagination
in promotional copy for my report, "Marcia's Makeovers: 24
Press Releases Transformed from So-So to Sizzling":

I challenge you to cite a greater return on investment than
that produced by a world-class media release that lands you
on page 1 of a major newspaper, in a two-page spread in
your top industry magazine or in the fluffy final segment
of a network newscast. Just one major score like this, and
you can milk the credibility payoff for your business
practically forever. Inspire a feature story that gets
picked up by the Associated Press, and enjoy people all
over the world clamoring to get their hands on what you

No-hype Technique #6: Incite curiosity.

Reread the bullet points for tip #4, and if you have any interest at all in
dog behavior, you'll find you really, really want to know
the techniques that are described there in an incomplete
yet tempting fashion. Reference to the "Two-a-Day" Method
has the same kind of effect, the reader wants to know "two
of what?" Show a little while holding something back.

Like the other five techniques described here, enticing the
reader is a truthful, effective, no-hype way to make the
reader want to step forward and buy.

Veteran copywriter and marketing consultant Marcia Yudkin
is the author of Persuading on Paper, 6 Steps to Free
Publicity and nine other books. She runs a one-on-one
mentoring program that trains copywriters and marketing
consultants in 10 weeks, providing neophytes with no-hype
marketing writing skills and business savvy. For more
information, go to

Friday, February 22, 2008

BE INSPIRED: The Top 30 Richest internet entrepreneurs under 30 yrs

1 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook 23 $700 MIllion 7

2 Andrew Gower Runescape 28 $650 MIllion 388

3 Blake Ross and David Hyatt Mozilla 22 $120 MIllion 112

4 Chad Hurley Youtube 30 $85 MIllion 3

5 Angelo Sotira Deviant ART 26 $75 MIllion 57

6 John Vechey PopCap Games 28 $60 MIllion 3914

7 Alexander Levin WordPress 23 $57 MIllion 59

8 Alexander Levin Image Shack 23 $56 MIllion 36

9 Jake Nickell Threadless 28 $50 MIllion 4,275

10 Sean Belnick Biz Chair 20 $42 MIllion 72,086

11 Kevin Rose Digg 30 $31 MIllion 117

12 Robert Small MiniClips 24 $23 MIllion 168

13 Ryan Block Engadget 25 $20 MIllion 659

14 Aodhan Cullen Stat Counter 24 $18 MIllion 205

15 Tom Fulp Newgrounds 29 $15 MIllion 422

16 Rishi Kacker and Matt Pauker Voltage 24 $12 MIllion 67,217

17 Markus Frind Plenty Of Fish 29 $10 MIllion 796

18 Catherine and David Cook My Year Book 17 & 19 $10 MIllion 1,432

19 Fredrik Neij The Pirate Bay 28 $10 MIllion 166

20 DAVID LEVICH Iced Out Gear 25 $10 MIllion 51,198

21 David Hauser & Siamak Taghaddos GotvMail 24 $8 MIllion 55,057

22 Jermaine Griggs Hear and Play 23 $5 MIllion 45,805

23 Jay Westerdal Domain Tools 29 $5 MIllion 488

24 Ashley Qualls What Ever Life 17 $3 MIllion 5,697

25 Mario Lavandeira Perez Hilton 29 $3 MIllion 840

26 Ben Way Rain Makers 27 $2.2 MIllion 24,641

27 Lauris Liberts Frype 25 $2 MIllion 35,040

28 Alex Tew Million Dollar Homepage 22 $1.6 MIllion 47,200

29 Rob Benwell Blogging to the Bank 23 $1.2 MIllion 57,123

30 Matt Wegrzyn Bodis 19 $1 MIllion 18,973