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Friday, May 2, 2008

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Posted by Ahson Rafiq on January 28th, 2008

This was kinda long overdue so here it is 10 ways you can make money from your blog.

While building up this blog i was not hoping for a decent income here soon so building it up was my first priority after the traffic and readers kicked in then it was time to start monetizing and I’m only half way through doing that, there are so many things i can add here that can make me decent money but theres a time and place for everything, right now this blog is earning around 200-300$/month which is not bad since this is its very first earning month and yes I’ll be providing a earning report at the end of the month as well.

So lets get started..

Direct Ad Sales

Direct ad sales builds up 70% of my revenue and its really important that you have a advertisement page on your blog that explains what spots are available on your blog and how they can buy ad spots on your blog. Direct AD sales can be banners/text links/sponsored reviews anything that you want to sell on your blog but some of the most used sales are as follows

  • Banner Ads
  • Text Link Ads
  • Sitewide links
  • In-content Links
  • Rss Ads

Email Marketing

If you are using feedburner’s email subscription feature then you will have a really good list going on that has subscribed to your blog’s update this list can be used to promote either your products or affiliate offers its just like buying a list of 100k emails from a forum but only this time the people receiving the email have subscribed to your mailing list by their own will. You can either use gmail (which i prefer) or go to Aweber. This is a really good way to promote your affiliates, you can get atleast 1-2 sales per email (to all) if you have the right product for the right traffic.

Remember, if you are selling water to the thirsty its a fast sale but if its consolidation loans…well then you need to be re educated..

But it doesn’t stop there, let’s say you run a webmaster blog where you post about webware and other webmaster related topics such as cms and themes, you can now offer email advertising packages to your advertisers where you get a relevant product and email it to your subscribers!

This may seem a bit slimy but we are talking about strictly making money to get through the month you’ll need to do this, specially if you are a new and upcoming blog with little reputation, you can worry about your rep when you have one. ;)

Ad Networks and Affiliate Networks

If you are a tech/sem blogger then you’ll be getting offers from either new ad networks , affiliate networks or product sites that have recently launched an affiliate section to their site and wnat you to promote it, I was reached a couple times by ad networks and was told that i’d be given 20$/month just for putting their ads on my site, that was really easy money!

Once again, I’d like to pressure the fact that you need to keep your blog highly relevant to your niche if you want the money to keep rolling in, the more off topic you go the more you confuser your readers, advertisers and potential readers.

Reviewing your own affiliates

Well sponsored reviews aren’t the only kind of reviews out there, if you want to get some extra juice going around the blog just review an affiliate product of your advertiser, earn some extra cash and add some new content to your blog at the same time, two birds with one stone!

That’s how webhost review blogs got started, they reviewed the service then linked to the site with their affiliate ids, they really pay good!

I actually did that right before this post, look at my review of How to be a rockstar freelancer

Turn your passion into profession

I’ve mentioned this point several times in my posts before, if you have a passion for something online then do it on your blog, show it off and make some money off of it while you’re doing that mine is wordpress themes and i tend to design a new theme every now and then and add it here, that not only gives me some extra link love and traffic but also potential wordpress themes clients that want unique themes designed for them as well!

If you want to do something similar then find what you like doing the most and do it, people can tell if you are passionate about something or not in an instant so don’t force yourself to like something, just be yourself, its easier and cheaper.


Ebooks are famous you may already know about the “How to be a freelance rockstar” by freelance switch that has got alot of attention now and continues to grow in every way for the blog and the brand name its a really good move!

If you have enough supporters of your methods of promotion, blogging, marketing or whatever the topic at hand may be, then its time to write an ebook with 10x more juice then your blogposts things you have never mentioned on your blog and then some would be in the ebook, thats another easy way to make money because people love to learn and ebooks are the perfect way of doing that.

Writing an ebook as a “product” of your blog is not only good for sales but for your blog as well people who “can’t” buy the book will simply subscribe to your blog and you’ll get more traffic that way!

In an effort to promote the blog more i also offer a free seo book here which has several great tips!

Using Sponsors and Competitions to make some extra moola!

If you are running a contest powered by a third party sponsor then there will be alot of traffic coming in as well as links that means motivated and relevant readers this is the time to increase your ad usage on the blog and also bulk up on affiliate reviews and advertising your feed this way you don’t only earn more but you get more feed readers as well.

Sponsors help you setup competitions, competitions drive traffic to your blog.

Now its your job to successfully run the competition while trying to make that competition work for you on a personal level as well, because you have to lookout for the well being of your business/blog not only the competition.

Just before this post i recieved an email from seonoobs - a request to be their sponsor for their contest, if you are wondering how to reach out to a blogger for a sponsorship, then this is how:

Hey there!

I just wanted to make you aware of a big SEO contest I’m having, and since you’re involved in the SEO industry, I thought it would be awesome to have industry specific sponsors. There are already some great prizes, but the more the merrier. Anything from a product sample, to reviews, consultations, to cash - it doesn’t matter. Just you being apart of it would make it a memorable one!

You can read more at the official contest post here.

If you’re interested, let me know as soon as you get time, as the contest kicks off on February 4th.

Thank you for your time, and have a super week!

Ryan L.


Network Blogs

If you already have an established blog which is at a level when you can advertise at any site you want successfully then its time to start another blog form another niche and advertise it partially on your main blog, I’ve done the same i started 2 new blogs when i saw the opportunity and i advertise them whenever i get the chance (whenever im not researching for blueverse).

Its important to have blogs on different topics, the more you spread yourself the more you’ll learn.
For example my free vista themes site is doing amazingly well considering the work i put into it its above average.

Selling your advice

Do people like your tips?
Have you proven yourself as a successful marketer?

Then people do want your advice, you can either sell a full consulting package or just brief advices based on what you see for a small fee, small money = small advice

And that could fuel your blog’s content as well, its like killing 3 birds with one pebble..

  1. Extra cash by selling teaser advices as posts - and a link to a full consultation package
  2. Blog content
  3. More readers!

Even SEOMoz has a Q&A section where the readers ask questions to rand and the whole team, more interaction, more content and more readers!
This is one of the easiest methods of making money blogging that i know of!

Sell your niche

If you have a really relevant website with targeted readers then you can diversify in so many ways, if you are a blogging tips kind of a blog then you can make a jobs board where people come and post their jobs and pay you a small one time for a limited post on the board, this is a good way to make money because your advertisers are looking for targeted and motivated users to be driven to their site and if you have a really targeted audience then you won’t have any problem doing this.

A jobs board isn’t the only idea i have here, here are a few..

  1. Top 10 Sites/Blogs of the week - bidding directory style
  2. Blog of the month
  3. Classifieds
  4. Community with a premium membership option
  5. T-shirts
  6. CDs
  7. Posters
  8. Content Packs
  9. Case studies



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