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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Entity Structuring!

Entity structuring is the use of limited partnerships, limited
liabilities, and corporations. These can help you accomplish
three things:

1. Bullet-proofing your assets so that the bad guys are worse
off if they try and take them away from you.

2. Slashing your taxes so that they are within single digits.

3. Protecting your privacy and building lasting wealth.

Let me explain how this works with the following example:

A case study: My friend Patrick grew up with the family
business. His family sold expensive boats. His business grew. He
was a financially intelligent man so he wanted to add a stream
of income. Therefore, he decided to start a Marina, a land
storage facility, a parts shop and a show room. I wanted to make
sure he was properly protected and that he had bullet-proofed
his assets. However, he was too busy making money to focus on it
at that time. This was his fatal flaw. One day, I got that
dreaded call from Patrick. The sheriff deputy was there to shut
down his businesses: the Marina, the parts shop, the storage
facility, and the show room. His business was locked down with
pad locks in a matter of hours. Within six months, he lost all
of his personal assets and filed both personal and corporate
bankruptcy. The tragedy here is beyond his loses but the fact
that this situation was completely avoidable. You can prevent
this from happening to your business by using two power tools:

1. Limited Partnerships: separate legal entities. They separate
your personal assets from business investments.

2. Limited Liability: similar to Limited Partnerships as they
form a wall between you and the creditors and predators.

These two power tools include a built-in charging order that
does not apply to your typical "S" or "C" corporations. A
charging order basically states that the "bad guys" cannot go
after your assets. They will be able to go after income but not
after you employ the following strategy. We can set up a
separate management company for you. Then, you can shift your
money from your LLC or LP into your separate management company.
The last step in your protection is called imputing income, and
it finalizes the prevention of lawsuits. The IRS can step in and
tax these bad guys for the money they are suing for (even when
they are unable to collect this money.) This ensures the fact
that suing you will not be worth the effort.

In summary: They cannot touch your assets because you have
protected them. They cannot receive the income because you have
shifted it out. They are left with heavy taxes imposed by the
IRS. Therefore, the likelihood of you being sued is next to

My name is Drew Miles and I would like to offer you a free tax
savings special report & Free Tax Saving Webinar, and all you
have to do is visit my website! For more information about these
tools and more please visit me at my site!

About The Author: I have spent years studying the tax code
looking for ways to help people lower their tax bill and keep
more of what they earn. -Drew Miles Find Out More:

Hot Party Franchises for the Fun Entrepreneur

People have a tendency to draw a stark line between who they
are in their personal lives and who they are in business. While
many businesses operate this way to create a high level of
professionalism at the work place, some businesses function
better when the atmosphere is more casual and relaxed, and it
can often be very lucrative to choose a job that utilizes your
natural personality and passions. One great example is the party
industry. The person who is instinctively able to see the big
picture for an event, organize people, and throw an exceptional
party is not at all restricted to only doing so for friends and
family; their services are in high demand in the marketplace,
and not just in the specific business of party planning. There
are a few different avenues with plenty of business
opportunities for someone who loves having a good time and
ensuring that other people have a good time too.

Party Planning

Obviously, there are party franchises opportunities in the
realm of party planning, because folks of all walks of life
enjoy a good party, but not everyone has both the time and
talent to organize a fun and functional party. There are two
franchise businesses in this $500bil industry that have made
their mark by organizing the best events.

One such business is Plan Ahead Events, a franchise opportunity
that is known for organizing everything from simple meetings to
conventions and trade shows with a solid sense of both
professionalism and style. This work from home business takes
people with the natural focus and ambition necessary for a good
event planner and teaches them all they need to know about
finding clients and orchestrating resources to make a great
party. Depending on the city you want to operate in and what
resources you will need access to from the outset, prices can
range from $26,000 to $33,000, which is a reasonable price for
entry into what is one of the 50 best industries, according to
CNN/Money Magazine.

One Hour Parties is another exceptional name in party planning,
in part because they specialize in a corner of the market that
few do: the one-hour office party. Birthdays, successful
business deals, expansions, promotions, there are a number of
great reasons to throw a quick party in the middle of a work
day. It keeps up morale without costing anyone a good deal of
time, except for the person who has to organize the party. But
if a company can outsource that part of the event,
business-as-usual is not interrupted. That is precisely where
this home based business steps in, arranging the party on the
company dollar, not the company time. Very low overhead and
shorter timeframes for events make this the perfect opportunity
for an entrepreneur who likes to be able to bounce quickly from
job to job.

Party Facilities

Party planning is great for some, but others prefer something a
little more regular than a business that varies greatly from
party to party. For such a person, opening an entertainment
franchise for people to come and party on your terms is a great

Most of us have been to some form of a kiddy play land,
designed to engage and entertain children of all ages with
various games and attractions. It's a profitable business
because kids are always interested in having fun, and parents
are always interested in throwing birthday parties without
having to clean up afterward. With a Recess franchise, parents,
kids, and the franchisee get to "go bananas." There are three
different investment levels to choose from that represent
different designs that each include a wide array of inflatable
attractions, redemption games, and even toddler entertainment.
Depending on what will work in your area and what you're capable
of investing, there is sure to be a right choice for you.

Sometimes, however, party facilities are a little more specific
as to the kind of entertainment they provide. Laser Nation and
Monster Mini Golf are two such examples. Laser Nation franchises
take advantage of the growing trend of laser tag. The concept is
simple: people come in to a location and pay money to play
various games built on shooting each other with high-tech laser
guns, which is surprisingly fun. With the franchisor helping
throughout the establishment of the business and continuing to
give marketing resources, a franchisee could easily be set up to
schedule birthday parties and family outings for people every
week. As fun as laser tag is, though, some people find no party
more fun than a classic round of miniature golf, or putt-putt,
and none is more fun than Monster Mini Golf, the only place that
mixes ghouls and goblins with golf balls. The family
entertainment industry is one of the largest and most steadily
growing markets available, and with the balance between
self-determination and oversight that only a franchise can
offer, this may be the perfect way for you to enrich the
community, entertain the masses, and make your money all at the
same time.

Party Retail

Finally, if actually planning parties or providing the space
for them is not your idea of fun business, perhaps offering the
equipment and tools for them is. If so, a Discount Party Store
retail franchise is an excellent choice that brings parties and
retail together. Considering themselves the "Cadillac" of party
stores, Discount Party Store helps you make your business all
that it can be for the needs of your particular area. Depending
on what you can afford and what your store needs, there are
plenty of options in size and merchandise that you can choose
from, and the merchandise is always second to none, because the
franchisor keeps in constant communication with product
providers to ensure quality. The words franchise and franchisor
here are somewhat deceptive though, because this is not truly a
franchise: from day one, the owner is completely in charge of
the operation and never has to pay royalties. By and large, it's
a good deal.

Whichever aspect of the party industry is your personal
favorite, there is a franchise that undoubtedly works with your
natural propensity to prepare and throw noteworthy parties.
Anything can be a money-making tool, and nothing more so than
the business of fun.

About The Author: Find more party
franchises, child
party businesses and information about other franchises at Franchise Gator

Monday, April 27, 2009

Reception Chairs: What You Should Look Out For

The reception or waiting area of your business is the first
impression that anyone who visits your business is going to get.
This area should be the most important area of your business and
you should worry about decorating it with care. You always want
to create the right first impression!

Reception chairs and waiting room furnishings are the perfect
way to keep customers and visitors comfortable in the front area
of the office, or business. You obviously want an reception area
that reflects your business style and reception chairs and
furniture are the the best way to reflect that sense of style,
greet customers, and show who you are and what you can do for
your clients. The exposure of a comfortable, warm and exclusive
waiting area makes customers feel relaxed and comfortable. These
reception chairs provides the visitor with a simple elegance, a
place they can get away from heat, cold traffic, and the outside
world. Placing magazine or books in this area makes it even more
pleasant for the client or customer. The reception chairs and
guest chairs are built to provide durability and long lasting
relaxation. When choosing the right reception chairs you want to
look for commercial quality and you want to be sure that the
reception chairs are OFM certified and that they are recommended
for commercial use.

Consider Style

Reception chairs comes in various brands and different styles
and shapes. Today the most popular type of reception chair is
that made of leather. Reception chairs, executive visitor
chairs, guest's chairs, sofas are made in durable leather that
does not stain easily. Selection of a reception chair or office
chair gives the total picture of an executive front office area.
Leather reception chairs offer richness and sophistication to
the front area of the office. This type of Executive visitor
chair tells your client that you think he is important and his
or her comfort is important to you.

Some of the popular brands of reception chairs are Global
Furniture, Lesro Furniture, Office Star Seating and Regency
Furniture. These chairs come with the OFM certification for
commercial use.

Selecting the Right Chair

When it comes time to purchase new reception furniture or
chairs, the process may seem either overwhelming, or enjoyable
and fun, depending on who you are and what you like to do. If
the process seems overwhelming then maybe you should turn the
project over to someone else that would enjoy it more, or hire a
professional decorator to help you choose the right reception
furniture for your office or business. Remember, the objective
is to create the perfect look for your business!

When you are in the selection process you need to think about
quality, design, cost, and durability of the reception chairs
you are buying. If you don't hire a professional designer you
may want to use a furniture buying guide. Furniture buying
guides help you make the right decisions when shopping for
reception chairs. You may want to search online, because online
searches will give you time and help you in the selection of
durable chairs.

Make a List

Before going out and buying the first reception chairs you come
across, you should make a list of all the features you would
like in the reception area furniture. Think about your personal
style, whether you want something exotic, traditional, or
contemporary.Think about your lifestyle and this is the place
you should consider your budget. Think of your color
coordination, think of color, texture of the chair and patterns
should be done before the purchase of the reception chairs.
Soft, pleasant color fabrics reception chairs reveal rich look
to the waiting room area.

Shop Around

Explore different furniture resources, this will help you
arrive at a conclusion for the purchase of the right kind of
furniture. Base your choice on your budget A good place to start
looking is on the internet. You can also look in books,
magazines and on various websites to get ideas for the right
kind of reception furniture. You may also want to put together a
scrap book of furniture styles that you like. This will all help
you choose the perfect design for the waiting room area. Taking
advantage of free services offered by various manufacturers will
help in having an idea of what your reception area will look
like. Many online furniture shopping stores offer advantages
like interior-design consultation, room decorating guidelines
and furniture brochures. This helps in ascertaining the perfect
reception model for the front area office. Furnishing the
reception area with a realistic and rich style provides the
life's greatest enduring moments.

Visit the Show Rooms

Visiting the manufacturers showroom directly also helps in
getting wide range of chairs at a low cost. Selection of
reception chairs depends upon the judgment and selection
according to the choice of the individual.

Reception chairs are the first thing customers view upon
entering the office. First impression creates an important mark
on the office. The selection of the right variety of chairs can
present a good image from customers. Reception chairs should
meet the needs of the sophisticated customers. They need to mark
the test of time and everyday use and provide attraction as long
as possible.

Using a Design Company

You may want to hire a design company to make the process
easier for you and so that you can be assured of getting the
right look for your business. Some design companies offer the
creation of beautiful reception areas with latest trends in
furniture design. Sleek designs with clean looks in different
shapes and sizes are preferred by most of the customers, and
which design you choose depends on your particular style. All
commercial furniture is made of solid wood and sturdy steel that
offers durability and a long lasting guarantee. Reception and
waiting chairs are essential part of the office furniture
environment. These chairs have to be comfortable, and sturdy at
the same time. These chairs should provide style and passion for
comfort. Some of the popular brands like La-Z boy office and
reception chairs provide leather, fabric reception chairs made
of chenille, wood and other material to suit the taste of the

Finally selection of the reception and waiting room chairs
should be made on the basis of size, shape, finish, color,
quality, budget and style. Reception chairs forms the part of
the business area and they should be chosen with great care
because it is your business presentation.

About The Author: To view over 2,000 contract furniture
products including bistro and cafe furniture, bar chairs and
hotel furniture please visit, and

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Working Toward What You Believe In by Brian Tracy.

When you are working progressively, step-by-step, toward something that is important to you, you generate within yourself a continuous feeling of success and achievement.

And it begins with determining what it is you believe in and stand for - your values.

Successful people are successful because they are very clear about their values. Unsuccessful people are fuzzy or unsure. Complete failures have no real values at all.

Clarifying your values is the beginning exercise in building self-confidence, self-esteem, and character. When you take the time to think through your fundamental values, and then commit to living your life consistent with them, you feel a surge of mental strength and well-being. You feel more capable. You feel more centered in the universe and more competent to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Here are two things you can do immediately to put this idea into action.

1. Decide for yourself what makes you truly happy, and organize your life around it.

2. Identify your values - what it is you stand for and believe in. Commit to living in a way that's consistent with these innermost convictions... and you'll never make another mistake.

Monday, April 20, 2009

5 Reasons You Buy So Many E-Books Looking for the Magic Pill Written by: Joseph Ratliff

This post is going to hit you straight in the gut. It isn't
going to feel good either, so if you can't stand the truth…stop
reading…but then call me when the money runs out for your
internet business.

Just keep in mind as your reading this post, that you are not
the only one guilty of searching for a "magic pill" to explode
your online business (I used to as well in the beginning).

Nope, as a matter of fact, 90% of us (at least) are guilty of
at least one if not all of these things (and if you think you
are in the 10% club, do a hard check to be sure).

Take these to heart, make some mental changes, and your success
online will soon find you.

There are 5 primary reasons why we get caught up investing in
e-book after e-book, trying to search for some magical device
that will skyrocket our online businesses with little effort.
You can also apply these 5 reasons to any information device
attached to some sort of promise (remember the sales letter).

I will tell you that no such device exists, and while there are
tools that accelerate your business' growth, most of us don't
make full enough use of those tools anyhow.

NOTE: Coaching, mentoring, and business growth groups are not
included in this, because of a distinct difference, those types
of guidance usually come with a sort of accountability factor
and other variables that an e-book or study course does not.

This brings me to our first reason…

Reason #1 - Pieces of information

Have you ever purchased an e-book that made a promise to you?
Most do…from this one…

"Using this system to generate an income of over $10k a month
in less than 30 days!"

to this one…

"I have found the secret to easy cash on the internet!".

There are a ton of different promises that are made, but the
reason that you will most likely never make that kind of money
online with this one e-book, is that it is only a piece of

The last time I checked, an e-book cannot "coach you" on the
rest of the answer necessary to make the system in the e-book
work. Nor would it be expected to do that. An e-book provides a
part of the answer, but the writer of the e-book used a complete
business system based on sound business growth principles in
combination with the "solution" presented in the e-book to
generate the results obtained and mentioned in the sales letter.

Quite frankly, the information in most e-books is actually good
and works. But the odds of you having all of the rest of the
pieces in place to use that information to 100% of its potential
are astronomical. Sorry for the dose of reality there.

In conclusion, if you had all the pieces you needed to run a
successful online business, you would already be running one.
Buying e-book after e-book is not the answer, unless you have
grown businesses online before, and are damn sure you only need
that one piece to make your system work.

On to reason number 2…

Reason #2 - The Consumer Mentality

Let's face it, we all like to go shopping once in awhile.

Guys, I don't want to hear the "I never go shopping, I always
know what I want to get from the store" line…because I know that
it's total B.S. (Craftsman Tool Section in Sears anyone? :) ).

Since we like to go shopping as human beings, and just "look
for things to buy" once in awhile, we have developed what is
called the "Consumer Driven Mindset". It's inside all of us to
some degree.

The sad part is, that applies to e-books as well.

And the website with the section that drives home my point here
is The Warrior Forum by Allen Says.

I have been a member of that forum for about 3 years now…and
there is one section that takes full advantage of the "consumer
driven mindset" in all of us…the WSO, or Warrior Special Offer
section. This section of the forum is specially created for
Warriors to sell and market their products to other Warriors.

Now think about that for a second…

The Warrior Forum in and of itself has enough information and
such to build an online business in just about any niche you can
think of. Some of that information comes from six and
seven-figure earners online as well.

But yet, there is a section on that forum where Warriors are
selling to other Warriors, and thousands of dollars change hands
every single day. From one Internet Marketer, to another.

Interesting huh? The forum has more than enough information to
totally build an online business, yet the same people who are
members, and internet business owners themselves, are also
shoppers buying even more information.

Which perfectly leads us to reason 3.

Reason #3 - The Human Condition…Laziness/Denial

Here is where I will lose the majority of you reading this post
(which I appreciate by the way :) ).

You, by human nature, have an element of laziness and denial
within you. You cannot deny it.

We all seek the shortest, or most efficient way of doing
something…including building online businesses or making money
online. For those of you that are successful already,
congratulations, but you are part of this group as well.
Successful individuals might have to look a little deeper within
for those "moments" of time when laziness creeps in, but it is
there every time. We are not robots.

You could tell me that you work hard, are very successful, have
"dialed in" marketing processes etc…but you cannot tell me that
you are not human.

What does that have to do with buying e-books?

Well, quite a bit happens in our businesses doesn't it? So,
when you see an offer to make any part of that business easier,
or a "magic marketing shortcut" that points the way to double
sales within 30 days or less…you start to think…

"Could this include me and my business too?"

That thought leads to another one…

"Could I be missing a piece of the puzzle?"

And then denial sets in…

"In buying this e-book with a magical solution, I wouldn't be
like other people who are falling for the marketing behind the
solution, I am just taking advantage of this opportunity!"

And you buy the e-book or study course looking for that answer.
The really interesting point is…if a solid marketer developed
that product…they are preying on that very emotion and a series
of others; our laziness, denial, greed, ego, etc…

One other emotion is a reason for buying e-books in and of
itself though…

Reason #4 - Misplaced Hope

I hate to bring this up…because it is so common.

Many of my coaching students, clients, and many other business
owners at one point have "hoped" that their marketing or other
business processes would work, and that some big windfall was
heading their way.

Do you know who this type of Hope is? She is a tired old girl
getting ready to retire…she cannot carry businesses!

It is this misplaced "hope" in your business processes that can
kill it…and if an e-book promises to bring you a ton of "hope"
in a 50 plus page package…we fall for it all the time and buy
that e-book. It is pretty easy for any marketer worth their salt
to tap into this emotion at their will.

Quit hoping, and start testing, and taking a more scientific
approach to your internet business. If developed properly, this
scientific approach can put you in a position where instead of
hoping you will get results…

You will know what results you are going to get!

On to reason 5…the final reason for this article (there are
actually a ton more).

Reason #5 The Feeling We Are Being "Lied To"

Have you ever bought an e-book with some promise of a complete
system, or other remedy to a business problem you have (the
secret to marketing by the way)…

Only to have that solution seemingly fail to work (remember
Reason #1)?


While surfing the net, you come across a similar solution,
perhaps packaged in a different way (the way you package
information is another marketing secret). This solution seems to
include another piece of the puzzle in your internet business

How does that make you feel?

Most would feel this (I cannot speak for everyone) :

"Dang it, why didn't that other e-book give me the entire
answer, like this one does!"

Guess what, this e-book won't give you the entire answer
either. But I will bet you feel "lied to." Some people even take
this feeling another step and get a refund on the other
e-book…and read this one with a "complete" answer (it isn't).

In conclusion, there are a few points that are the bottom line

* With the knowledge that we don't want to make just one sale
to our customers, and we want to strike as broad a part of our
niche that we can with multiple products…why on earth would any
marketer worth their salt at all give you a complete answer in
just one e-book? We don't. Instead, we work to build your trust
enough to buy another piece of the solution from us…and will
structure offers with that in mind (retaining you as a

This is why my business model is to only offer complete
solutions to my clients (i.e. coaching, copywriting and
consulting, etc…). While more of an investment, I know that I
could never provide a complete solution in one e-book.

* You are lazy by nature. You need to try and stifle that part
of your nature, knowing that there is no magic pill to grow
businesses, period.

* The time you are wasting buying e-book after e-book would be
better invested in testing another piece of marketing, and
finding a scientific process of your own that will work with
your business alone (then you can sell an e-book to others on
this process ;) ).

* If you are about to use the excuse "Joe, I believe in
self-education and these e-books are only purchased to satisfy
that end of my business." I will probably point you to your main
computer's hard drive and ask you to do a deep gut check on two
things… 1) How many e-books you have on that hard drive.

Now, I would have you compare that with 2) How many e-books on
that hard drive have you actually read fully and implemented.
You see, self-education is part of my business too…but I can
tell you that any e-book or educational material that I have
now, has been read and implemented. Not to say that I am perfect
by any means, I was where you are now about 4 years ago, and
have since deleted all of the e-books on my hard drive.

I have found that in the end, in most cases, we already have
the ability to build businesses. We have to develop with our
businesses online, make the mistakes, pay the dues, and grow a
successful one to really know how to do it again. That type of
process will not take as long if you quit buying e-books and
looking for the magic pill. It doesn't exist.

Once you know how to build a very successful business, you can
simply duplicate and eliminate mistakes…and e-books won't be

About The Author: If you would like to investigate the shortcut
to making money online, in fact to generate six figures within
12 months... visit

Winning Against Your Competitors

"The competition's tough, and it requires us to be tougher - tough-minded, never hard hearted."
- John Kerry

By Bob Bly

There's a lot of money being made in marketing information products online today. But there's also a lot of competition - as I'm sure you've noticed.

You can't just sit there and pray that your customers never find out about your competitors. Thanks to Google, they can find their offers in seconds. Your best strategy is to identify who and what you're competing against - and fill a gap in the market that they're missing.

Here are the four types of competitors you face as an info marketer... and one good strategy for combating each:

Competitor Category #1: Companies that give away information on your topic absolutely free

There are countless companies out there giving away free information on their sites.

These folks are not in the business of selling information products. They typically sell a physical product or a service... and give away free content to build their e-list.

It can be challenging to compete in a niche where a lot of good free content is published by companies that treat it as a marketing strategy. After all, why should your customers pay you for your content when they can get it - or something close to it - for free elsewhere?

One strategy to use against this type of competition is to establish yourself as a guru in your niche.

Consumers want authoritative information from experts, and are willing to pay a premium to get it. For instance, anyone can compile information on conservative issues and politics. But only Rush Limbaugh can publish and sell The Limbaugh Letter.

Competitor Category #2: Bookstores

I've lost track of the number of times I have reviewed some publisher's expensive information product, only to find that it contains less information than a 250-page paperback I can buy at Barnes & Noble for 15 bucks.

One competitive strategy to use against bookstores is micro-niching - publishing in a highly specialized niche that trade-book publishers won't touch.

Example: I can go to Barnes & Noble today and find several highly useful - and quite inexpensive - books on social networking. But if I publish a title like "Building Your Dental Practice With Social Networks," that is too narrow a niche for bookstore sales.

Competitor Category #3: People who sell low-priced info products on your topic

During the 1990s recession, a major newspaper ran an article about two entrepreneurs selling reports on marketing in a recession. One was me, and the other one was a famous marketer.

The paper told readers how to buy my report but not the famous marketer's. Reason: Mine cost $7, and his cost $1,000.

From one press release, I sold over 3,000 of those booklets.

How could that marketer have hoped to compete with my bargain rate? One way would have been to offer more in-depth content.

In information products, there is a content hierarchy - from weakest to strongest - that goes like this:

Level A. Telling readers what to do (e.g., in a booklet on making money as a landlord, informing the reader that they must make every tenant sign a written lease)

Level B. Telling readers how to do it (e.g., providing a checklist of the nine points every lease should cover)

Level C. Doing it for them (e.g., actually including sample leases)

Low-priced info products mostly cover Level A and, to a lesser degree, Level B. The more your high-priced info products give the readers of Level B and Level C, the greater the price you can command.

Competitor Category #4: People who charge as much as - or more than - you for seemingly equivalent info products

If your pricing is similar to that of your competitors, two of the strategies I mentioned above - establishing yourself as an industry guru and micro-niching - can differentiate you from the crowd. If your price is lower than most of your competitors, play the price card.

In your marketing copy, talk about how the other guys charge an outrageous fortune for big, elaborate packages that the buyer won't have time to absorb and probably will never even look at. Then show how your product saves time because it is tightly written (no fluff) as well as inexpensive.

One other idea for handling competition: Befriend them instead of going to war with them. This strategy is called "coopetition." It recognizes that two businesses can be competitors and joint venture partners simultaneously.

Reach out to your competitors via phone or e-mail. Offer to do joint venture deals and affiliate promotions with them.

Maybe they have a high-priced product that is the perfect back-end to one of your front-end products. Instead of spending a lot of time and money to duplicate what they have done, sell their product to your customers on the back end for a nice affiliate commission on every sale you make.

[Ed. Note: Bob Bly is a freelance copywriter and the author of more than 70 books. To subscribe to his free e-zine, The Direct Response Letter, and claim your free gift worth $116, click here now.