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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot Party Franchises for the Fun Entrepreneur

People have a tendency to draw a stark line between who they
are in their personal lives and who they are in business. While
many businesses operate this way to create a high level of
professionalism at the work place, some businesses function
better when the atmosphere is more casual and relaxed, and it
can often be very lucrative to choose a job that utilizes your
natural personality and passions. One great example is the party
industry. The person who is instinctively able to see the big
picture for an event, organize people, and throw an exceptional
party is not at all restricted to only doing so for friends and
family; their services are in high demand in the marketplace,
and not just in the specific business of party planning. There
are a few different avenues with plenty of business
opportunities for someone who loves having a good time and
ensuring that other people have a good time too.

Party Planning

Obviously, there are party franchises opportunities in the
realm of party planning, because folks of all walks of life
enjoy a good party, but not everyone has both the time and
talent to organize a fun and functional party. There are two
franchise businesses in this $500bil industry that have made
their mark by organizing the best events.

One such business is Plan Ahead Events, a franchise opportunity
that is known for organizing everything from simple meetings to
conventions and trade shows with a solid sense of both
professionalism and style. This work from home business takes
people with the natural focus and ambition necessary for a good
event planner and teaches them all they need to know about
finding clients and orchestrating resources to make a great
party. Depending on the city you want to operate in and what
resources you will need access to from the outset, prices can
range from $26,000 to $33,000, which is a reasonable price for
entry into what is one of the 50 best industries, according to
CNN/Money Magazine.

One Hour Parties is another exceptional name in party planning,
in part because they specialize in a corner of the market that
few do: the one-hour office party. Birthdays, successful
business deals, expansions, promotions, there are a number of
great reasons to throw a quick party in the middle of a work
day. It keeps up morale without costing anyone a good deal of
time, except for the person who has to organize the party. But
if a company can outsource that part of the event,
business-as-usual is not interrupted. That is precisely where
this home based business steps in, arranging the party on the
company dollar, not the company time. Very low overhead and
shorter timeframes for events make this the perfect opportunity
for an entrepreneur who likes to be able to bounce quickly from
job to job.

Party Facilities

Party planning is great for some, but others prefer something a
little more regular than a business that varies greatly from
party to party. For such a person, opening an entertainment
franchise for people to come and party on your terms is a great

Most of us have been to some form of a kiddy play land,
designed to engage and entertain children of all ages with
various games and attractions. It's a profitable business
because kids are always interested in having fun, and parents
are always interested in throwing birthday parties without
having to clean up afterward. With a Recess franchise, parents,
kids, and the franchisee get to "go bananas." There are three
different investment levels to choose from that represent
different designs that each include a wide array of inflatable
attractions, redemption games, and even toddler entertainment.
Depending on what will work in your area and what you're capable
of investing, there is sure to be a right choice for you.

Sometimes, however, party facilities are a little more specific
as to the kind of entertainment they provide. Laser Nation and
Monster Mini Golf are two such examples. Laser Nation franchises
take advantage of the growing trend of laser tag. The concept is
simple: people come in to a location and pay money to play
various games built on shooting each other with high-tech laser
guns, which is surprisingly fun. With the franchisor helping
throughout the establishment of the business and continuing to
give marketing resources, a franchisee could easily be set up to
schedule birthday parties and family outings for people every
week. As fun as laser tag is, though, some people find no party
more fun than a classic round of miniature golf, or putt-putt,
and none is more fun than Monster Mini Golf, the only place that
mixes ghouls and goblins with golf balls. The family
entertainment industry is one of the largest and most steadily
growing markets available, and with the balance between
self-determination and oversight that only a franchise can
offer, this may be the perfect way for you to enrich the
community, entertain the masses, and make your money all at the
same time.

Party Retail

Finally, if actually planning parties or providing the space
for them is not your idea of fun business, perhaps offering the
equipment and tools for them is. If so, a Discount Party Store
retail franchise is an excellent choice that brings parties and
retail together. Considering themselves the "Cadillac" of party
stores, Discount Party Store helps you make your business all
that it can be for the needs of your particular area. Depending
on what you can afford and what your store needs, there are
plenty of options in size and merchandise that you can choose
from, and the merchandise is always second to none, because the
franchisor keeps in constant communication with product
providers to ensure quality. The words franchise and franchisor
here are somewhat deceptive though, because this is not truly a
franchise: from day one, the owner is completely in charge of
the operation and never has to pay royalties. By and large, it's
a good deal.

Whichever aspect of the party industry is your personal
favorite, there is a franchise that undoubtedly works with your
natural propensity to prepare and throw noteworthy parties.
Anything can be a money-making tool, and nothing more so than
the business of fun.

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