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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Working Toward What You Believe In by Brian Tracy.

When you are working progressively, step-by-step, toward something that is important to you, you generate within yourself a continuous feeling of success and achievement.

And it begins with determining what it is you believe in and stand for - your values.

Successful people are successful because they are very clear about their values. Unsuccessful people are fuzzy or unsure. Complete failures have no real values at all.

Clarifying your values is the beginning exercise in building self-confidence, self-esteem, and character. When you take the time to think through your fundamental values, and then commit to living your life consistent with them, you feel a surge of mental strength and well-being. You feel more capable. You feel more centered in the universe and more competent to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.

Here are two things you can do immediately to put this idea into action.

1. Decide for yourself what makes you truly happy, and organize your life around it.

2. Identify your values - what it is you stand for and believe in. Commit to living in a way that's consistent with these innermost convictions... and you'll never make another mistake.

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