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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Making the Blogosphere Love You

We Trust You

A lot of people going to my website don’t want to believe the facts, they don’t want to believe I’m a real person and am just 19 years old, making big bucks online and working a couple hours a day, if that! To put them at ease:

  • Provide pictures of your self “Look I’m 19″!
  • Provide Videos and Audio clips of yourself
  • Let them know you
  • Show the bank balance!
  • Have a story

Provide Value

When writing content for my websites and blog’s I also make sure to provide the value then try to make money. For example if a website is about how to make money online I will provide information about how to make money online and then try to make money. Since the pay per post phenomenon, a lot of high quality websites which provided great quality content have now started to bust out paid irrelevant paid revenues on the daily!

Value your readers

Once you have 1000’s of daily readers because of month’s of hard work, providing quality content, don’t let them done by flooding your website with adverts and paid posts.

To Summarize: Be Unique, Give Your Readers Value!

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