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Saturday, December 20, 2008

For Bigger, Faster Profits, Keep Your Business Simple and Overhead Low

Are you ready to earn BIG money? It's been proven over and over
again the people who make the MOST money are those who own their
own business.

The average SMALL business owner, and I mean SMALL, earns more in
their own business than they ever did working for someone else.

And what about those businesses that fail? The US Small Business
Administration says almost all those owners get back up and start
a new business where they earn good money.

These days most people already understand owning a business can
greatly improve their lifestyle. What they usually don't know is
just how to design their business so it generates maximum

Most would say common sense tells you the bigger the business,
the BIGGER the profits. Grow your business into a multi-million
dollar building, employ 200 people, spend $2 Million on
advertising -- and hey, you MUST be making LOTS of money!

But that very often IS NOT the case. A large restaurant may need
to do $100,000 dollars in sales each month just to break even.

What I'm getting to is THIS -- To make the most money FAST, keep
your business SIMPLE. And keep your overhead LOW!

Remember the old principle that is as true today as it was when
Benjamin Franklin wrote it two centuries ago: a penny saved is a
penny earned. All that money you DON'T spend can be counted as

One of my favorite stories goes back to the very beginning of the
McDonalds restaurant chain. McDonalds founder Ray Kroc visited
the tiny McDonalds Brothers drive-in to find out why they were
making so much money. What he found was the original McDonalds
was keeping customers happy with just 9 menu items made with a
dozen ingredients. Talk about simple!

Not only that, but the first McDonalds required just a few
minimum-wage employees, keeping labor costs very low.

Kroc, who already owned his own coast-to-coast business, was
impressed beyond belief at just how SIMPLE the first McDonalds
was, and just how LOW the overhead. Kroc immediately understood
that McDonalds was a huge profit maker, one that could be
DUPLICATED around the country and eventually around the world.

Recently I have been telling people to get into the food service
industry. No matter how deep the recession goes, people will
ALWAYS need to eat. Most restaurants see their sales go UP as
many other industries watch their belts tighten.

But just like Ray Kroc, I'm not a huge fan of running a BIG
restaurant with a big expensive staff and huge monthly bills.
There simply isn't enough room for profits. And keeping up with
all the inherent complexity and headaches can drive an otherwise
sane owner over the edge.

Instead, I advise starting your own restaurant delivery business.
You provide the one IN-DEMAND service MOST restaurants don't.
You bring restaurants' delicious food to their customers,
keeping a nice profit in your own business that is super simple
and has remarkably low overhead.

I show you how to do this in a detailed report that gives you the
step-by-step process of starting your own SIMPLE business with
LOW overhead.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now. And keep your
operation simple and profitable.

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