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Friday, March 12, 2010

Earn Money Sharing Videos

Copyright (c) 2010 Mary Ann Desiano

An easy way to make money on the Internet is by sharing videos
with your friends. New video sharing web sites allows you to
create web pages on their site. You earn commissions from
advertisers and from membership fees.

Everyone has sent viral videos to their friends. This new online
business gives you the opportunity to earn income from an
activity that we do everyday. There is no selling, technical
training or web site needed to do this business. If you know how
to copy and paste, you can forward videos. The only requirement
to do this business is to have a Pay Pal account and a Click Bank
account. You can also put your web site link and your own ads on
your web page. You are given an affiliate link that is in the ads
and banners on your pages.

Visit You Tube and other sites to find videos. Pick the most
popular videos on the site. Copy the address for the video and
paste the address on the page you created on the video sharing
site. You can create unlimited pages. You make money when people
click on your ads or buy a product from the Click Bank ad, on
your page. The site will pay you 50% to 100% ad revenue. On some
sites you will also get 50% of the membership fee, when people
join the site from your page. You can earn income from the same
web pages for many years.

Promote your web pages on social networks, blogs and forums.
Email video links to your friends. Place links on your own web
site or blog. There are many ways to promote your web pages.

Video sharing web sites give you the opportunity to earn income
online by sending viral videos to your friends. You make money
from ad revenue and membership fees. This Internet business gives
the new online marketer an easy home base business.


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