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Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 12 Tips to Make a Website Successful

If you're doing business online, you must take the time to
learn how to make a website successful. Creating a quality
website is an important part of your online success;
however, quality doesn't mean a fancy website with all of
the latest gizmos and gadgets. Quality means creating a
website that will make your visitors want to stay on your
website and take the specific action you want, such as
subscribing to your ezine or purchasing your product or

Here are the top twelve tips to make a website successful:

(1) Selecting the proper keyword phrase for each page will
be your first step to make a website successful. For
example, if your webpage focuses on dog grooming supplies,
your most relevant keyword phrase should be 'dog grooming
supplies.' This keyword phrase should be used a few times
throughout your webpage. In addition, make sure your
website focuses on just one specific niche. For example, if
your website focuses on dog grooming, all of the
information within your website should relate to dog

(2) It is also very important to use titles, sub-titles and
heading tags within your webpage. The H1 Heading tag should
be used at the top of your webpage for your main title. The
H2 Heading tag should be used for your sub-titles. If the
default size of the tags don't suit your needs, use CSS
style sheets to display them in a specific font and size.

(3) Include META tags within the HEAD section of each page.
META tags are HTML code that enable the search engines to
determine what keywords are relevant to a specific webpage.

(4) Keep your website simple. Select your background and
text colors very carefully. Busy backgrounds make text
difficult to read. A white background and black text will
help you make a website successful.

(5) Use minimal animated graphics - especially the type
that continually flash. These are VERY annoying and will
cause your visitor to leave your website prematurely.

(6) Include good navigational links together at the top,
bottom, left or right side of the page. In addition, try to
keep the number of clicks required to get from your main
page to any other page on your website down to four.

(7) Always use a consistent layout on each webpage, which
will include the same design, logo and navigational system.

(8) Proof read and spell check your webpages for errors. In
addition, make sure your images are all displaying and your
links are all working properly.

(9) Include an 'About' page to tell your readers about your
company, a 'Privacy' page to let your visitors know what
you do with their information, such as their email address,
etc., a 'Terms and Conditions' page to protect yourself,
and a 'Site Map' to enable the search engines to easily
index your webpages.

(10) Enable your visitors to interact by including
features, such as a forum, an ezine subscription form, a
feedback form, or a blog. Adding these features provide
more great ways to make a website successful.

(11) Make sure you do not set sound to 'autoplay' when
someone visits your website, as this can be very

(12) View your webpages through different browsers and
screen resolutions to ensure they are displaying just as
you had intended.

By following these simple steps, you can not only make a
website successful, but also be well on your way to making
a nice income online.

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