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Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to build a mailing list fast(2)


Your visitors should be given a reason to sign up with your
mailing list. You cannot just expect them to leave their email
addresses without receiving anything in return, right? If you
were in their shoes, would you even bother to give out your
contact details without deriving something from it?

The mistake that most internet marketers make is that they
expect people to sign up by simply promising future updates.
This isn't enough incentive. People need something more than
that, something valuable, something that is very much worth
their time. If you will be able to give them such in exchange
for their subscription, you'd be able to boost your number of
subscribers really fast.

Here are some incentives that are guaranteed to work:

• Ezines or newsletters. Information is always a valuable
commodity in the World Wide Web. If you could commit to create
and deliver a regular eZine or newsletter for them, you'd be
able to win their subscription and eventually their trust. Just
make sure that your eZine or newsletter would be of premium

• Freebies. Who would say no to something that is offered for
free, right? It may be an eBook, a special report, a PLR
product, a software program or another kind of digital item
which your prospects could download in exchange for their

• Contests. You could offer a valuable digital product as a
prize for a random drawing, with your prospects' subscriptions
serving as their raffle entries.

Any of the suggestions above are sure to make your prospects
take notice. And as such, you'd have greater chances of bagging
their subscription and building your mailing list to enormously
profitable levels.

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