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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Starting a New Business Online - 5 Secrets on How to

You have decided to start your online business. It is so great
and you are assured to meet success. Millions will rain in a few
days and in the next few months you'll be richer than Bill
Gates. What will you do then? You'll get bored! With this in
mind, below I give you 5 secrets that will make your site a
failure and years of bankruptcy. 

Secret No. 1: Sell a product that you do not understand. 

It is essential to know at your fingertips the product you want
to sell. Mastering this subject does not guarantee the sale, but
helps greatly. Imagine yourself in your favorite supermarket, in
ecstasy before a 21-inch monitor. The seller arrives and you
ask: "That's a Trinitron screen?" and hey reply "It's a very
good technology that makes the picture more beautiful and
especially better than when it is not a Trinitron. But it is
very complicated so I will not bore you with details ". It is
obvious that you are going to take your caddie and spinning at
the nearest competitor. 

Conclusion: Do your visitors flee at the ignorance of your

Secret No. 2: Sell a product of poor quality. 

It is one of the best-kept secrets and yet the publicity that
it generates for your site is immense. When you are satisfied
with a product, you recommend it to a few people but when you
get a poor product you talk to everyone: the media and friends

It is therefore essential if you want to talk about yourself,
offer products or services of poor quality. Moreover, ultimately
this will reduce your workload. Ahhhh ... Finally calm. 

Secret No. 3: Do not collect email addresses. 

If you want to fail, and that is what I wish you because I want
you to be happy, it is necessary to minimize contacts and leads.
What is the base of your income? The client. And before being a
client, it was a prospect, usually a name on a list or a visitor
visiting your site by accident. 

Secret Number 4: Making a site confusing. 

There will always be sites that link to yours, and sooner or
later, some engines will add you to their bases and from that
moment, it will be an escalation of your website traffic. To
minimize the risks of facing this influx of unwanted visitors,
make sure that three-fourths of the links are broken, that pages
are poorly written and confusing, URLs are more than 90
characters and are encrypted but especially do not divulgue your
contact information online. You don't wish to show that you are
a real person don't you? 

Secret Number 5: No market research. 

If you are looking to market a new product, you need to avoid
keywords research. by doing so you will never know if your
product is in high demand. Just knowing if your product is in
high demand is not important and you don't care about that. You
can invest your money with no problem in that product. 

If you are seeing yourself in these secrets than it's time for
you to thing again about doing business online. It's still the
time to figure that out before it's too late! 

To Your Success!

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