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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Affiliate Marketing Tips

The gurus make affiliate marketing seem like it's so easy. Design
a website, put out a few ads, and within just a few days you're
on the road to financial freedom. This all changes once a person
actually tries these things out. After not getting the success
they're looking for, they end up giving up altogether.

If you find you are in that boat, read on as this article will
provide three tips that will get you started on your money-making
journey. Take a look at the sections below for more information.

1. Optimize Your Content

When it comes to affiliate marketing, this tip is the most
important. And, fortunately for you it is also the easiest. All
you have to do is use a keyword analyzer to find the terms people
are looking up online. There are free analyzers such as Micro
Niche Finder or Word Tracker, but you can do just as well with
free tools such as SEO Book or Google's Adwords keyword analyzer.

Anyway, once you have decided which tool you're going to use, you
need to research your keywords. Start off by searching a general
term. From there, you will want to research long tail keywords,
(which are terms containing more than one word). Take note of two
keywords that get many searches yet aren't used by many websites.

Now you need to include the terms in your content. As a general
rule, proper SEO means mentioning your keywords between 2 and 6
percent of the time. However, don't become guilty of keyword
stuffing. Even if you go less than 2%, it's better to have your
keywords make sense than to turn off your reader.

2. Write Keyword-Enriched Articles

Writing keyword-enriched articles is the next important thing to
remember. This step should be pretty easy, because basically if
you understood what to do in the tip above, you already have the
knowledge necessary to create SEO articles. So, then it just
becomes a matter of submitting your content to article
directories such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles.

3. Initiate Link Exchanges

In regards to affiliate marketing tips, this one tends to be the
most annoying. Why? Well, you have to try to find others who will
advertise your link. And, it's best if you can initiate a
reciprocal link. What does this mean? Basically, you need to find
someone who will advertise your site without expecting you to
advertise theirs in return.

The best way to do this is to find webmasters who are offering
advertising space. Sites like Digital Point and even eBay often
have listings where people are doing this very thing. True, you
will have to pay a little bit of money, but it eliminates some of
the annoyances of the other options, which involve either waiting
for someone else to link to you from their own accord or emailing
webmasters a request for linkage.

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